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10:26:27 <Kneezle|Web> Can you imagine? I would have had to spend this 40-minute walk actually enjoying the sun. Instead of hanging out with you people
10:26:41 <Kneezle|Web> That wasn't even sarcastic, I'm not a big fan of the outdoors.
10:26:41 <~ahriman> haha
10:26:46 <~ahriman> the horror!
10:27:14 <Kneezle|Web> I realized, that I was spending too much time indoors, when at one point my tired instinct was to look for a dimmer switch to turn the sun down
10:27:29 <Kneezle|Web> Needless to say I didn't find one
10:28:05 <~ahriman> hahaha!
10:29:21 <Kneezle|Web> At least to my credit, I didn't try to turn the sun off
10:29:27 <Kneezle|Web> I knew I couldn't do that for some reason
10:29:42 <Kneezle|Web> But when you're grasping around the air for a dimmer switch, you need to rethink your life
10:29:54 <~ahriman> i've actually done that before
10:30:09 <Kneezle|Web> Lol you too??
10:30:17 <Kneezle|Web> I thought that was something unique to my stupidity