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this is an irc quote database, in the style of bash.org, that aims to catalog moments on tilde.chat.

<~ben> PSA hostserv has been disabled
<lauren> why?
<anton> I forgot what hostserv was for a moment
<~ben> 1) it's a pain to maintain 2) people keep requesting dumb hostnames
<lauren> heh, fair
<xfnw> aw
<kumquat> lol
<anton> what's the dumbest hostname you've seen so far
<~ben> i don't remember
<julian> art.local?
<xfnw> was it richard.stallmans.toe.cheese?
<aravk> wtf
<anton> gross
<anton> aravk: you should replace nyku's ignore with an xfnw ignore :p
<xfnw> lol antons ignore evading?
<aravk> xfnw doesn't troll though, they shitpost
<aravk> I don't mind that
<aravk> everyone shitposts
<aravk> I mind trolls

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meanwhile in #meta:
<brendo> you can bet your ass that if I could set a custom tone, it'd be the Mii channel music
<brendo> or a custom variant of the Aussie ringback tone: AAA- AAA-
<palm93> Screaming?
<palm93> Makes sense. I'd scream if I was in Australia too

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More adventures in #tea:

kiedtl> \coffee
* barista passes kiedtl a short lukewarm hazelnut cappuccino with 1 shot of espresso!
kiedtl> fuck. wrong channel
* kiedtl has kicked kiedtl from #tea (your presence in this community is no longer desirable) 

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In #tea:

alex11> i bet #coffee is full of miserable bastards
alex11> they are genetically inferior
spider> \coffee alex11
* barista hands alex11 a tall boiling hot white chocolate macchiato with 2 shots of e‌spresso!
spider> :P
* kiedtl has kicked spider from #tea (uh no no no no, we don't do that here)

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01:42:30 <anelki> wait who put this in there
01:42:31 <anelki> https://quotes.tilde.chat/quote/245
01:42:32 <tildebot> [Title] quote 245 - ~chat IRC quote database
01:43:24 <blitzkraft> oof. was that in #nsfw?
01:44:07 <blitzkraft> also, the submission is anonymous. apparently you can submit anything.
01:44:12 <blitzkraft> https://quotes.tilde.chat/quote/252
01:44:12 <tildebot> [Title] quote 252 - ~chat IRC quote database
01:44:17 <blitzkraft> I just did that. 
01:44:27 <blitzkraft> not even signed in
01:45:11 <anelki> i think it was in #politics
01:45:18 <blitzkraft> also, the voting is on GET. 

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<june> what does nuclear reactor even smell like
<june> I have no reference for this
<~gbmor> nuclear reactors smell like moose taint, according to wikipedia
<june> WTH

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<kiiwiiwastaken> ls
<kiiwiiwastaken> oops
<anelki> lol
<june> kiiwiiwastaken: COPYRIGHT dev/ home/ man/ net/ root/ usr/ bin/ entropy lib/ media/ proc/ sbin/ var/ boot/ etc/ libexec/ mnt/ rescue/ tmp/

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──> suttbolehurfer (~suttbolehu@[redacted]) has joined #adventofcode
<gbmor> they were all in love with dying, they were drinking from a fountain that was pouring like an avalanche coming down a mountain
<── suttbolehurfer (~suttbolehu@[redacted]) has quit (Connection closed)

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<&login> but you must cut off your genitals and give them to me

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<acdw> my name is what
<acdw> my name is who
<acdw> my name is
<alex> chika chika
<lauren> slim shady

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<&login> the smart don't have it any better than the unsmart

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2020-11-15 00:11:03  <anelki> when we started to gather this morning and the magafucks were showing up, this kid looked at me and the person next to me an asked why we were dressed like cops. parent: "they're not dressed like cops, they're dressed like antifa." person next to me: "...supersoldiers!"

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<thefunkyspaw> shreyas: The world makes a lot more sense when you realize most people want to slack off

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19:14 <spideria> anyway I guess the next grown up thing to do is learn to drive
19:14 <june> whoa
19:15 <june> spideria is becoming a boomer
19:15 <hackintech> lol
19:15 <spideria> maybe have a kid
19:15 <spideria> who knows
19:15 <hackintech> no you don't want that
19:15 <spideria> yeah probably not
19:15 <spideria> idk I like other people's kids
19:15 <spideria> hopefully my brother will have one soon
19:16 <spideria> he and I had a nice game of age of empires 2 the other day
19:17 <alex11> give birth to a car
19:17 <hackintech> there you go
19:17 <hackintech> big brain

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