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03:46 <murii> Remember, a few hours of trial and error can save you several minutes of looking at the README.

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15:41 <+aewens> Which I am currently trying to understand how the cloning software works since a customer is trying to use it to fit a square block into a round hole.
15:41 <tildebeast> if you put the customer on a lathe they'll fit after careful adjustment

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[15:17] < dozens> slime chunks are generated from the world seed
[15:18] < dozens> shoving stuff up your ass isn't gay lol
[15:18] < dozens> that is where a dude's g-spot is

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16:07 <+jan6|> Also stop invoking tildebot for no reason to avoid stupid responses such as the one generated using thissentence
16:07 <TildeBot> jan6|, This time wouldn't needed to avoid the ping, tbh, but i also thiokradiobot that. Actually, on second thoughts, don't take any more stupid chances.
16:07 <+jan6|> thiokradiobot
16:07 <+jan6|> Hmmmm
16:07 <+jan6|> "Actually, on second thoughts, don't take any more stupid chances" - TildeBot, 2018
16:07 <TildeBot> jan6|, Are you inventing new words or something i could tell me? On second thoughts, don't take any more stupid chances.

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11:02 <edwardthefma> Halloween is almost hear
11:03 <+aewens> I can almost here it

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22:54 <edwardthefma> I got a free roku TV today 
22:56 <kuriz> sweet ass
22:57 <edwardthefma> On the side of the road
22:58 <~ben> free tv is best tv
23:04 <edwardthefma> Want to know what was wrong with it
23:06 <~ben> might've just gotten a new one
23:06 <~ben> who knows
23:06 <edwardthefma> It was missing the remote and it had BUGS
23:06 <~ben> did you at least submit a github issue for the bugs
23:06 <~deepend> lol
23:07 <edwardthefma> I did they recommended I  use plenty of raid
23:08 <~ben> 0 1 or 10?

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18:29 <tunas> fsck --dont-actually-check
18:29 <tunas> An alias for fsck -n that's objectively cooler xD
18:29 <~ben> ls --dont-list-files
18:29 <tunas> Why isn't --dont-bother a universal argument?
18:29 <~ben> sudont

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19:29 <kuriz> "brendan gets kancho'd and fuckign dies part 1"
19:30 <brendantcc> "part 2 - the funeral"
19:31 <kuriz> "part 3 - ben strikes back"
19:31 <brendantcc> part 4: #chaos

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14:43 <~ben> soup at the end of your nick
14:43 <kurizsoup> why not
14:43 <kurizsoup> soup's great
14:44 <kurizsoup> Hi, I'm Kuriz "KurizGuy" Guy, and I like soup
14:44 <kurizsoup> Here's a soup
14:44 <kurizsoup> It has steak in it
14:44 <~ben> no thanks
14:44 <kurizsoup> There's another soup
14:44 <~ben> i'm a vegetarian

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03:01:48      edwardthefma | too me a fee
03:03:46                 * | edwardthefma dornt lik this in sell irc
03:05:00            slipyx | can you say that again in english please
03:05:41               <-- | edwardthefma (edwardthefm@tilde.team) has quit (quit: WeeChat 2.3)

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