~chat irc quote database

this is an irc quote database, in the style of bash.org, that aims to catalog moments on tilde.chat.

meanwhile in #team:
 <brendo> watch: *bzzt bzzt! bzzt bzzt! bzzt bzzt!*
*jan6 quotes the above line thru tildebot*
 <brendo> me: *taps the stop button*
 <brendo> watch: **continues buzzing**

285: score: 71283 /

<jan6> do it
<novaburst> do what
<hackintech> it
<hackintech> duh
<novaburst> lol

284: score: 4 /

<hackintech> i did the illegal today
<gbmor> oooo what did you do
<gbmor> i wanna know
<hackintech> i put a for loop IN a for loop
<hackintech> bitches love for loops
* gbmor loads shotgun
<hackintech> oh

283: score: 21 /

<hackintech> i did the illegal today
<gbmor> oooo what did you do
<gbmor> i wanna know
<hackintech> i put a for loop IN a for loop
<hackintech> bitches love for loops
* gbmor loads shotgun
<hackintech> oh

282: score: -1 /

----- meanwhile on #chaos
rndusr: okay what
novaburst: ChanServ is an AI
ChanServ: ur mom is an ai
novaburst: here we go ;P
ChanServ: i am sentient
ChanServ: you will all die
rndusr: holy crap
novaburst: gotdamn
james: all dead

281: score: 2 /

novaburst: heck yeah I built that toolchain
ben: toolchain?
jan6: novaburst built akron dealership toolchain?
jan6: lol
novaburst: ben: I was building the OCaml toolchain
ben: oo
novaburst: jan6: lmao
acdw: wut

280: score: -3 /

16:00 <acdw> butter is just a loaf of milk

279: score: 6 /

<rndusr>: how do I detect if a file is a gophermap
<xwindows>: It is named `gophermap`.
* rndusr bangs head against desk repeatedly

278: score: 16 /

<epoch> > s7, Ruby, or Forth
<+ffog> u got it
<epoch> three scripting languages, and I don't know any of them
<+ffog> they're all quite different
<epoch> I know of Ruby and Forth
<epoch> ruby is kind of Perl-ish, Forth is kind of..
<+ffog> stackish
<tommoody> ruby on rails
<epoch> ha
<tommoody> transporting rocks
<epoch> ah. s7 is a scheme.
<+khuxkm> if you write a blog post for your jekyll blog while on a train ride and you rebuild the site you're using ruby on rails
<+ffog> lol
 * khuxkm ricochet
<+rawktucc> -_-
<+ffog> this is Red Martian - masses diseased by pope
<+ffog> by smj of sdf.org!
<+alex11> khuxkm you're banned from the internet
<+ffog> a loop reel on a tascam 388
<+khuxkm> honestly fair

277: score: 1 /

<rawktucc_> bugs r good!
<jan6> no

276: score: 11 /

<[smlckz]> ,8 go is better than rust and c is better than go?
<tildebot> [8Ball] You shake the magic ball... it says Yes
<[smlckz]> good

275: score: -1 /

07:52     dozens | i like the idea of gherkin and tdd
07:53     dozens | never been on a team disciplined enough to do it though
07:53   lucidiot | gherking off on tddies i see
07:53     dozens | omg

274: score: 2 /

< june> modern society and technology and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

273: score: 5 /

23:23 < novaburst> oh my blog is no longer under tilde.team/~$(whoami)/blog by the way
23:23 < novaburst> it's on envs.net/~$(whoami)
23:23 < june> why would your blog be at tilde.team/~june/blog
23:23 < novaburst> because bashblog says so?
23:24 < june> why would it be under my user name
23:24 < novaburst> I don't use bashblog so *shrug*
23:24 < june> you're the one telling me it's at $(whoami)
23:24 < june> which is june
23:24 < novaburst> lol
23:24 < novaburst> substitute that command with my username
23:25 < june> but it expands to my username
23:25 < novaburst> plot twist

272: score: 14 /

[smlckz]: 88oRqwadueNUrblgvQO0UdeRFum0
[smlckz]: sorry lol
login: [smlckz]: nice password
anton: [smlckz]: nice password
anton: jinx
login: anton: yup
[smlckz]: rofl
login: we were of one mind there
login: it could be a conincidence
login: or a sign from god
login: I mean jan6
anton: all hail jan6
jan6: all hail jan6
[smlckz]: how can we grab this holy moment

271: score: 27 /