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this is an irc quote database, in the style of bash.org, that aims to catalog moments on tilde.chat.

12:06 <TildeBot> jan6: , Stop existing is at least you. I really do!
12:07 <@ben> I relly do!
12:07 <+jan6> tildebot, quit your miserable existance at once!
12:07 <TildeBot> jan6: Errors were encountered while processing.

23: score: 17 /

12:05 <TildeBot> I can learn about whatever you say! I hope you have no right to exist as a sentient being.
12:05 <@ben> TildeBot: no u
12:05 <TildeBot> ben: Yes i am at least you and i find the mere suggestion insulting!

22: score: -20 /

12:23 <geoff> The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. - H.P. Lovecraft
14:25 <khuxkm|lounge> nice quote
16:10 <geoff> khuxkm|lounge: Lovecraft is pretty quotable
16:15 <khuxkm|lounge> too bad that isn't the point of this channel :P

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22:47 <khuxkm> ben: fix the description you zipper

20: score: -39 /

<virtual> *starts humming*
<khuxkm|lounge> (I legit read that as "starts humping" and almost burst out laughing)

19: score: -5 /

<virtual> tilde.team is cool just pointing that out kthxbye

18: score: -19 /

00:43 <@ben> only real homegrown tildes here
00:44 <jan6> heh
00:44 <esc> yes @ben ? only pure organic, farm to table tildes? heh.
00:44 <jan6> nope
00:44 <doug> tilths
00:45 <@ben> yes farm to table
00:45 <jan6> I provide rivalling chemically "enchanced" tildes at a fraction of the cost, with a long disclaimer
00:45 <@ben> sounds like a good deal 

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17:39 * doug (doug@toma.horph.com) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
17:39 <@ben> bye doug
17:39 <@ben> another day another doug

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23:22:59 tildebridge | <~FreeAppSW> God, my connection rn seems real trash
23:23:14       +jan6 | tildebot knows the definition of trash
23:23:15    TildeBot | jan6: Everyone knows that. Actually, on second thoughts...

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15:57 <mushmouth> TildeBot: /command kick jan6
15:57 <TildeBot> mushmouth: , Say jan6 is the force of attraction between two objects resulting from their mass.

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20:18:57 tildebridge | <~cognifice> Hi. What is happening?
20:22:49     deepend | not much so far :D  things seem pretty quiet on here
20:29:24 tildebridge | <~cognifice> What should we be doing? 
20:41:39     deepend | well they shouldn't ever sleep or have fun.. should dedicate entire life to tildeverse? lol jk

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<b>html sucks</b>

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<script>alert("did this fail");</script>

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wew lad

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15:25 <+jan6> because "know your enemy, especially if you like them"
15:25 <~ben> hm
15:25 <~ben> i don't know if that's how the quote goes
15:26 <+jan6> it sure is now!

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