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12:01 <+aewens> Don't use nouns as your username if you don't want accidental pings.
12:02 <+aewens> There could be dozens of people who login to virtual servers, just like this one saying things people may think are a sin unless of you're a phoenix who cares not because it's a scifi creature.

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16:30 <~ben> tildeverse hug of love
16:30 <dozens> \o/ <3
16:30 * tomasino tilde's the crap out of dozens
16:31 * dozens craps the tilde out of tomasino
16:31 <+tomasino> oof

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05:56:39 desvox | and i have just completely lost my motivation to do it alone
06:20:23  +jan6 | <insert motivational speech here> 
06:22:09  kuriz | wow...
06:22:18  kuriz | this changes everything!

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14:24 <+aewens> jan6: True, it just feels very *wrong* that ICANN is not on top of having all usable TLDs in their WHOIS search
14:25 <~ben> ICANN more like ICANN'T

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22:36:14 brendantcc │ tomasino: YR NOT MAH DAD!! REE
22:36:27  +tomasino │ but what if I WAS your dad?
22:36:30  +tomasino │ how weird would that be?
22:36:33 brendantcc │ very
22:36:38 brendantcc │ very fuckin' weird
22:36:41 brendantcc │ non-dad
22:36:55  +tomasino │ :)

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13:54 <+jan6> ALMOST 69

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20:07:51    --> | dozens (~dozens@ has joined #blamejan6
20:07:58 dozens | i just spilled coffee on my chair
20:08:01 dozens | i blame jan6
20:08:05    <-- | dozens (~dozens@ has left #blamejan6 (WeeChat 2.2)

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09:48:33 ~ben │ how do you even fail a music class
09:48:35 ~ben │ that's fucked    

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13:44 <+jan6> put it in #share
13:44 <+jan6> c'mon, nobody ever uses #share, blow some life into it!
13:47 * cdmnky blows into it

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[threkk] 17:55
∟ I am afraid to ask how is the vim vs emacs balance here
[ben] 17:55
∟ pretty solid balance i think
[desvox] 17:56
∟ i use emacs like vim but it also fries my breakfast, controls the city
  traffic lights, and makes sure i dont die in my sleep
[threkk] 17:57
∟ does it also edit text?
[ben] 17:57
∟ i sure hope so :P
[desvox] 17:57
∟ threkk: lots of text
[desvox] 17:58
∟ all the text, it is the all seeing eye of the universe
[desvox] 17:58
∟ alternatively it is a kitchen sink full of dead cats
[ben] 17:59
∟ omf 

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14:18:29   +jan6 | who needs to smoke to get high? don't you have a brain full of complex chemicals?
14:18:54 kumquat | weed is easier than mind control
14:19:15 +aewens | Who needs drugs when you can just breathe in deeply next to a chocolate cake to remind you why life is worth living?
14:19:32       * | jan6 steals said cake
14:19:43       * | aewens tells jan6 that the cake is a lie.

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<cdmnky> meanwhile r/linuxmasterrace is still on "btw I use arch" like it has been for the past few months
<ubergeek> Yeah, I can get behind that sub.  Btw, did I tell you, I use Arch?

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13:40 <tomasino> Climb with your butt, lower with your quads

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12:24 <+jan6> just don't use anything addictive for a long time, nor for much at a time, and you'll be fine
12:24 <desvox> ^
12:24 <desvox> or you could fly off the deepend and become desvox
12:25 <desvox> my entire family knows about my psychotic alcoholism at this point
12:25 <~ben> oops
12:25 <~ben> iambecomedesvox
12:26 <~ben> destroyer of all wodka

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21:12 <mushmouth> you won't know what's real or fake
21:12 <+jan6> it's a theatre ALREADY
21:15 <+aewens> I mean, most of your life is theater. We all try to collect pieces of paper with no inherit value because other people pretend it has value, and we go through our lives thinking that getting these papers are important while everything else alive is constantly cycling through the food chain as we pretend we are not a part of it.
21:17 <+aewens> You drive down a slab of stone inside a metal/glass beast at ungodly speeds and the only thing that keeps order is some paint on the ground and lights that change color.
21:20 <+aewens> You spend your youth learning topics you'll objectively use almost none of in your daily life because others told you that it's needed to get a job, and only once your brain has stopped learning things at the amazing rate that children can do is when they ask you to specialize your knowledge moments before you enter the work force to earn those pieces of paper.
21:23 <+aewens> You are asked to spend ungodly amounts of money on this specialized knowledge training that is in many instances dated or more theory than application and is all summarized for employers in the form of another piece of paper, and you work to pay off that fancy sheet of paper from your job that pays you in pieces of paper.
21:26 <+aewens> But the pieces of paper are going away slowly and becoming even more valueless, it's now mostly a number on some computers. So people then dedicate their lives to making a number on a computer go up so they can exchange the compute numbers for food, goods, and services but you usually only have enough for just enough of those things to survive.
21:29 <+aewens> If we were to all were to suddenly no longer give value to the computer numbers, the pieces of paper, the paint on the ground, and the changing color lights we are now back into the system of the rest of the world around us that needs to hunt/gather for food and find/create shelter to survive.
21:29 <+aewens> </rant>
21:30 <+aewens> So anyways, how has everyone been enjoying the weekend so far?

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