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15:57 <mushmouth>  TildeBot: /command kick jan6
15:57 <TildeBot>  mushmouth: , Say jan6 is the force of attraction between two objects resulting from their mass.

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20:18:57     tildebridge | <~cognifice> Hi. What is happening?
20:22:49         deepend | not much so far :D  things seem pretty quiet on here
20:29:24     tildebridge | <~cognifice> What should we be doing? 
20:41:39         deepend | well they shouldn't ever sleep or have fun.. should dedicate entire life to tildeverse? lol jk

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<b>html sucks</b>

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<script>alert("did this fail");</script>

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wew lad

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15:25 <+jan6>  because "know your enemy, especially if you like them"
15:25 <~ben>  hm
15:25 <~ben>  i don't know if that's how the quote goes
15:26 <+jan6>  it sure is now!

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21:58 <bhh>  i would like to try to be in bed before midnight
21:58 <bhh>  but we'll see what happens
21:58 <bhh>  anyone have any string quartet recommendations
21:58 <bhh>  i've already listened to borodin no2 three times today

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12:53 <@khuxkm|lounge> 'cause I'd rather have my asthma be worse than stop using linux

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Shall we yeet?
Yeet we shall.
Shall we ever yeet into the sunset for the yaughten one?

Yeet we shall.

We yote and we yote
Until our yooters were yaught
And the sun shone happily,
Upon its beyaughten children.

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10:38 <@khuxkm>  what's the point of sending memos to channels
10:38 <@khuxkm>  :P
10:38 <@khuxkm>  also, cool
10:38 <~ben>  so someone can see it once they log in
10:38 <~ben>  like if they weren't connected
10:38 <~ben>  thx anope
10:39 <~ben>  i figured out how to get the /ns /cs /os /hs /ms aliases set up last night :)
10:39 <@khuxkm>  every time someone says anope I forget, for a brief moment, that that's a services package
10:39 <~ben>  ahhhh nope
10:39 <~ben>  anope
10:39 <@khuxkm>  and, for a brief moment, I laugh
10:39 <~ben>  lmao
10:39 <~ben>  1 brief moment
10:39 <~ben>  not a boxers moment

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