~chat irc quote database

this is an irc quote database, in the style of bash.org, that aims to catalog moments on tilde.chat.

13:48 <ben> systemd already solves that
13:48 <khuxkm> I don't like systemd :P
13:48 <ben> oh
13:48 <ben> i see how it is
13:48 <ben> it's so nice though
13:49 <khuxkm> if it would just stick to what it's good at
13:49 <khuxkm> and not slowly eat the rest of Linux for dinner

4: score: 37 /

ben: no u

3: score: 15 /

<minerobber> hmmm…
* minerobber is using ssh from tablet to downgrade rpi firmware to 3.18.11
* minerobber does the Numa Numa dance
<minerobber> it worked! LXDE is no longer broken
<minerobber> I went absentminded while converting my private key, and accidentally made it into “tilde.town.tilde.town.pem” :P
<minerobber> oh my gosh it works!
* minerobber does the Numa Numa dance

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welp, this is empty.

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