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22:00 <jan6> ^
22:00 <woestijnvis> ^
22:00 <woestijnvis> That
22:00 <jan6> ^
22:00 <jan6> what he said
22:00 <woestijnvis> And that ^
22:00 <jan6> ^also that
22:00 <woestijnvis> What jan6 said
22:00 <jan6> ^exactly

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20:26 <~tomasino> guys! crazy news. Apparently this dude on the internet haxxor'd my interwebz and has video of me masturbating to illegal porn! OHNOES! I guess I better pay him all my moneys to stay quiet.
20:27 <~tomasino> jokes on him... i ONLY masturbate to spam emails

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15:52 <handyc> I was stuck in a room with only a table
15:52 <handyc> I saw the table there
15:52 <handyc> I used the saw to cut the table in half
15:52 <handyc> Two halves make a whole
15:52 <handyc> I used the hole to escape

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17:46 <jan6> protip: just don't use python ;P
17:46 <zyeri> or, better pro-tip: use more python
17:46 <kirch> no switch...case in python ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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[21:25:51] < epoch> burritos are like blunts.

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[14:37:49] < netscape_navigator> What's your favorite game and why is it Stardew Valley?
[14:38:19] < netscape_navigator> I want to quit my day job to get more serious about my farming
[14:38:43] < jan6> make a youtube channel
[14:38:52] < jan6> make videos about stardew
[14:38:54] < jan6> boom
[14:38:56] < jan6> there you go
[14:39:00] <       threv> | 'dis ya boi, netscape_navigator, comin at ya live from stardew'
[14:39:04] <       threv> | 'smash that like and subscribe button'
[14:39:56] < netscape_navigator> Maybe I can be one of those masked youtubers, since I am a deprecated web
                                 browser after all
[14:40:03] < netscape_navigator> maybe a CRT screen for a head or sth idk
[14:41:13] < rdh> Pass all of your dialog through the mac speak program like that kid from Blank Check
[14:41:55] <~ben> it could even be a tilderadio show
[14:42:04] < netscape_navigator> OH MAN
[14:42:36] < jan6> macspeak asmr stardew valley livestream
[14:42:44] < netscape_navigator> lol im 'sposed to be working right now
[14:42:52] <       threv> | yes, working on this channel

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20:10            * kirch has worn the letters off the following keys: aces
20:16 <~aewens>  This just in, kirch's password contains the letters "aces"
20:18 <kirch>    I can neither confirm nor deny that

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04:53 <~ben> ok i should slep
04:53 <~ben> almost 1am
04:53 <~ben> i think i need to institute a hard bedtime 
04:53 <npa> tilde.institute a hard bedtime
04:53 <~ahriman> haha
04:54 <~ben> yes
04:54 <~ahriman> ben likes those hard bedtimes doesn't he
04:54 <npa> it was nice to tilde.chat ben
04:54 <npa> a welcome appearance to the tilde.team
04:54 <~ben> ;)
04:55 <~ahriman> npa spitting that tildeverse
04:55 <~ahriman> night ben
04:55 <npa> i have a neat thing to show you ben, but i'll tilde.tel you later
04:55 <~ahriman> he's got to crawl.tildeverse to bed
04:55 <~ben> brilliant

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[00:57:36] < npa> it sounds loose in atlanta jesus christ

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[13:44:06] <~ben> ruby is just smalltalk in drag

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