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18:11:00 < TechEmporium> I don't want to see any nude sysadmins playing with their floppies, man

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16:16:11 < southerntofu> **QUOTA EXCEEDED. MBOX FULL.**
16:16:11 < BitBot> southerntofu: FLOWER SMELLING CHAMPION
16:16:16 <~ben> owo
16:16:19 < southerntofu> what?
16:16:22 <~ben> lol
16:16:36 <~ben> BitBot yells back if you have a certain number of caps
16:16:45 < BitBot> ben: ONE HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT
16:16:51 < southerntofu> oh. lol
16:17:11 <~ben> i find it pretty funny :P
16:17:33 < lickthecheese> LOL BITBOT
16:17:46 < lickthecheese> OH I DIDINT HAVE ENOUGH CAPS
16:17:47 < BitBot> lickthecheese: PUSSY IS A PERFECTLY INNOCENT WORD
16:17:53 < lickthecheese> omg wtf
16:17:53 < hackintech> W O W
16:17:56 <~ben> BitBot: bap

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june | is tilde.zone broken?
 fen | seeems like it
june | I hope that's unrelated
june | and PG-13 movies didn't
     | break both tooter and
     | tilde.zone
ensa | just tried to post through
     | toot and 'Unknown error'
june | I blame ubergeek
 fen | i blame capitalism

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05:02:57 june: be gay do crimes                    

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02:52 <tunas> BORN TO CHAT
02:52 <tunas> IRC MODES ARE A FUCK
02:52 <tunas> G:Line Em All 1989
02:52 <june> :D
02:52 <tunas> I am ban man
02:52 <tunas> 410757864530 (IR)Cops
02:53 <tunas> dead (ir)cops*

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02:32 <dacav> what's up?
02:32 <bdeshi> the ceiling at the moment
02:32 <dacav> ah, me too
02:33 <dacav> Is it one of those fake-ceiling that you can open up and lay out wires?
02:33 <bdeshi> nope it's declared as const
02:37 <dacav> Mine too, but it's made of const pointers to non-const items, so you can still change it's components
02:38 <bdeshi> well my ceiling has everything as private objects
02:38 <bdeshi> some debugging tools are required to inspect or modify them
02:39 <june> I don't have the debug symbols for my ceilings :(
02:41 <ensa> in attempting to recompile my ceiling, i realized that the dev headers package hasn't been updated in years

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18:46 <june> W3C is the old man screams at cloud of the web

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15:26:04 <~lickthecheese> quacccccc
15:26:06 <~lickthecheese> duccccccc
15:26:08 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:09 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:10 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:10 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:12 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:12 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:17 <~BitBot> ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:29 <~lickthecheese> ha i have summoned the duck with fake quacking
15:26:31 <~lickthecheese> ,hug
15:26:31 <~BitBot> [Ducks] lickthecheese befriended a duck in 14.1 seconds! 
                   You've befriended 34 ducks in #chaos!

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11:53 <anton> hi
11:55 <anton> did I miss anything?
11:57 <jess> no
11:57 <jess> why do you always ask that
11:58 <anton> jess: because I want to know if anything interesting happened while I was away
11:58 <jess> get a bot that logs for you
12:05 <anton> jess: idk where I'd host the bot at
12:05 <~ubergeek> If only there was some place that offered shell access, with the tools needed to build software, and run daemons... :P
12:06 <anton> 99.999% of the time I'm not online from the vps is when it's rebooting or installing updates of some kind
12:07 <~ubergeek> It'd nice if there some association of server operators, that hosted znc or something, too :P
12:07 <@cmccabe> someone should invent that, ubergeek.  i bet it would be popular.
12:08 <~ubergeek> They should.  I bet they'd get rich doing it.
12:08 <@cmccabe> it could even keep costs down by using a great free os like linux or *bsd
12:09 <~ubergeek> yeah, I think that'd be the ticket.  I hope someday, someone invents a service like that
12:14 <~khuxkm> why not us? we're server operators
12:14 <~khuxkm> we could be rich!
12:14 <~khuxkm> but what would we call it?
12:15 --> earthnuker (~earthnuker@ has joined #meta
12:15 <~ubergeek> I dunno.  Maybe call it a umlautverse?
12:15 <Kneezle> lol
12:15 <arisotura> hoi
12:15 <~ubergeek> Or, tildeworld?
12:15 <~khuxkm> no no no
12:15 <~khuxkm> umlaut is a garbage diacritic
12:16 <~khuxkm> and ____world is overused
12:16 <~khuxkm> how about tildeverse?
12:16 <~ubergeek> true. tildeland?
12:16 <~ubergeek> tildeverse sounds so stupid.  I mean, who would use something called that?
12:16  * khuxkm looks at camera

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09:43:44  * Kneezle licks the cheese
09:45:30  * arisotura farts on the cheese
09:47:29 < lickthecheese> ew dont fart on me

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