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<~aewens> krowbar: Sure, but most of my questions are not usual beginner stuff. I am looking for a tenured wizard that has stared long enough into the abyss that the abyss knows to look away.

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01:18 <npa> a moose once bit my sister
01:19 <~ahriman> what the hell did she do to the moose
01:19 <npa> No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian møvies: "The Høt Hands of an Oslo Dentist", "Fillings of Passion", "The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink"
01:20 <~ahriman> oh dear

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12:12  * epoch pretends to be amazon
12:29  * no1 orders a big black dildo off epoch
12:30 <no1> Hello epoch customer support, I would like to return this lightly used item
12:31  * epoch stops pretending
12:31 <epoch> ._. no more
12:31 <epoch> stahp
12:31 <epoch> I don't wanna be amazon anymore
12:31 <epoch> ,_,

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<tomasino> yay gopher!
<ahriman> yay
<tomasino> yay australia!
<ahriman> koalas n shit!
 * cat cracks a tinnie

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15:01  * Kneezle|Web nods
16:38  * tomasino nods as well
16:44  * kirch looks @ Kneezle|Web & tomasino and nods at each in turn
16:46  * codingquark nods
16:47  * Kneezle|Web kirch-es
16:47  * Kneezle|Web tomasinos all over the room
21:20 <@fosslinux> owo

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21:48 <cmccabe> pm me your swear word

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17:20 <cat> as a cat i am very interested in yarn package
17:21  * jan6 pats the cat
17:23 <jchelpau> are you really a cat
17:23 <~ben> cat is either a feline housepet or a linux command for concatenating files
17:23 <~ben> still haven't really figured that one out
17:24 <handyc> why not both
17:24 <~tomasino> that's right ben, cat is a perfect combination of two elemental opposing forces
17:25 <handyc> cat cat.txt | grep cat
17:25 <~tomasino> cats, the avatar of death and destruction, and cat, the quintessential tool for joining all things (since in UNIX, all things are files)
17:25 <~tomasino> destruction and creation
17:25 <~tomasino> cat, at his core

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23:37 <~tomasino> trains are pretty cool
23:38 <~tomasino> that opinion may be biased by a love of old detective novels which inevitably feature cool train scenes
23:38 <jan6> lol
23:38 <~tomasino> ooh, space mystery!
23:38  * tomasino adds to his todo list

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Q:        What's tiny and yellow and very, very, dangerous?
A:        A canary with the super-user password.
Extreme fear can neither fight nor fly.
        -- William Shakespeare, "The Rape of Lucrece"

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21:54 <cat>  don't forget to save regularly dudes
21:55 <cat>  a friendly PSA from ya local IT teacher
21:55 <brendantcc|web>  lol
21:55 <brendantcc|web>  let me guess - you screwed up and closed a project you spent the last 6 hours or so?
21:56 <cat>  no, because i save regularly
21:56 <brendantcc|web>  lol right okay
21:56 <slipyx>  also *commit early and often*
21:56 <brendantcc|web>  lmaooo
21:56 <cat>  my students however did not and are gonna fail the class
21:57 <~ahriman>  oof
21:57 <khuxkm|lounge>  massive oof

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