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[BitBot │ [Markov] windows was that ubuntu version named after that mentally handicapped bulldog university mascott

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14:46 <~ben> i haven't had soup in a long time
15:07 <jesopo> why nor
15:07 <jesopo> not
15:15 <younix> sometimes life just gets in the way
15:15 <younix> it's hard to make time for soup in the hustle bustle of the hectic modern world
15:16 <younix> we can't always get the soup we need, even though we know it's important

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<ben> bug deepend to set it up
<deepend> whos deepend. :P 
<ben> that deepends
<ben> who's askin'

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12:31 --> pizza [pizza] (Unknown) (pizza@tilde.club) has joined #club
12:32 <pizza> so how could i make a tilde server?
12:33 <tomasino> step 1...
12:33 <tomasino> cut a hole in a box
12:35 <pizza> ah yes what is the next step?
12:40 <tomasino> you're gonna wanna put yo junk IN that box
12:40  * tomasino sings it
12:40 <tomasino> and that's basically how you tilde
12:41 <tomasino> except the box is a vm somewhere, or a raspberry pi, and the junk is a bunch of shell utils, web server with userdirs, and you cut a hole in it by giving out ssh access
12:41 <tomasino> Thanks for coming to my TED talk
12:41  * bradley claps

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10:23 <tomasino> the logic of the lucky is seldom sane

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14:37 <den1> who likes living at
14:37 <den1> much better i think
14:37 <~ben> no place like 0::1
14:37 <den1> lol
14:37 <den1> we are neighbours
14:38 <~ben> radiobot: slogan
14:38 <radiobot> 0::1 is where the heart is
14:38 <~ben> lol awesome that's the one i wanted

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20:32 <BitBot> [Youtube] Nine Inch Nails - Burn (05:02) uploaded by schmagoogal, 897,745 views (5531↑↓163) https://youtu.be/dsM4FM3MiK0
20:32 <threv> so. good.
20:32 <threv> i'm gonna burn this whole. world. down.
20:34 <younix> s/world/debian installation/
20:34 <timemachine> <younix*> “The $300 million Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study performed fMRIs on 11,874 youth, ages 9-10, including 2,100 young people who are twins or triplets. In the first round of testing, the scans of children who reported daily screen usage of more than seven hours showed premature thinning of the cortex, the outermost layer that processes information from the physical debian installation.
20:34 <younix> lol wtf timemachine
20:34 <~ahriman> whoa
20:34 <younix> i guess that's the last message that contained "world"
20:34 <~ahriman> HAHAH
20:34 <~ahriman> that's amazing to read
20:35 <younix> the more screen time, the thinner your debian install
20:35 <~ahriman> younix: s/thinner/unthicc/
20:35 <timemachine> <younix*> the more screen time, the unthicc your debian install
20:35 <younix> it takes a long time to strip it down
20:35 <~ahriman> npa: i'm turning red in the face from laughing at this shit
20:36 <younix> "children who spent 12 hours in front of the screens often also showed a predilection for tiling windowmanagers"

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<Tomasino> ,hug
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<~ahriman> holy shit tomasino

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<southerntofu> well you know we're litterally millions of people making the world a little bit better every day instead of just consuming life
<southerntofu> the only problem is intelligence services know us better than we do ourselves :D
<TechEmporium> lol
<TechEmporium> I wouldn't call them intelligence or a service. It'd be more of a service if they were more intelligent about how to serve their own people 

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09:55 <dozens> happy friday townies
09:55 <dozens> happy tie day, frownies!
09:57 <chimerae> =( :>===
09:58 <netscape_navigator> lol

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02:05 <~ahriman> fosslinux: plz console me with tales of how the Knights of Parametric Polymorphism saved the kingdom of Software Engineeria from the evil Anti-Pattern Imperial Army
02:05 <~ahriman> npa: you too
02:05 <npa> generics are sweet
02:05 <~ahriman> oh
02:05 <npa> just imagine it's copying and pasting the code but with different types
02:06 <~ahriman> nifty, but it doesn't sound like an epic folktale
02:07 <npa> the knights performed ritualistic mitosis, generating swathes of different legion calvaries
02:07 <~ahriman> oooooooo
02:08 <npa> all forming alliance to fight against skelington, the singleton anti-pattern
02:08 <~ahriman> i hate him! he's so mean
02:09 <npa> skelington's power of always having a single instance around meant traditional weapons were useless
02:09 <~ahriman> oh no!!!
02:09 <npa> it was up to the mighty end-of-program destructor to fire to quench this evil beast
02:09 <~ahriman> get 'em
02:09 <npa> 360-no scope
02:10 <~ahriman> haha

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05:44 <SinaCutie> Yes, I put your temp password as 'honk my butt please'
05:44 <SinaCutie> omg. This is the wrong tty
05:44 <SinaCutie> Time to uh, go make that coffee

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13:22 <kirch> the great thing about having kids is that I tell my parents what lego sets "my kids" want for their birthday, then I get to build them :3

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11:16 <rain1> 16hi
11:16 <~ben> henlo rain1
11:17 <~ben> what happened to rain0
11:17 <~ben> or just rain
11:17 <jesopo> this rain is lua
11:17 <jesopo> 1 indexed

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