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22:43 <fosslinux>  the great tilde.team migration 2: was this to hetzner
22:43 <~khuxkm|lounge>  yeah'
22:43 <~khuxkm|lounge>  well to a dedi box at least
22:44 <~khuxkm|lounge>  the first one was to a VPS
22:44 <~tomasino>  ;) ben
22:44 <fosslinux>  from?
22:44 <~khuxkm|lounge>  idfk ask ben
22:44 <~tomasino>  before hetzner? ben ran tilde.team in his head
22:44 <fosslinux>  lol
22:44 <~tomasino>  he sketched it out on paper really fast
22:44 <fosslinux>  6gb -> 64 gb
22:44 <fosslinux>  ram
22:44 <~tomasino>  incredible stuff, but the headaches!
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  tomasino: no, he typed it into the computer
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  but yeah the headaches were probably terrible
22:45 <~tomasino>  it was just ben running netcat and typing back to everyone in real time
22:45 <fosslinux>  lol
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  so glad he got the VPS to lighten the load on himself
22:45 <~tomasino>  seriously
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  to this day, though, the real mission-critical processes are ran in his head
22:45 <~tomasino>  quote 99, eh?
22:45 <~tomasino>  how many quotes are me now?
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  don't tell him I told you

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22:28 <~tomasino> in reality, it was ben. He lured me into his van with candy and before I knew it I was scripting things in his little hole in the ground, putting the lotion on its skin, all of it

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13:11 <~ben> lol /var/www/html2
13:11 <~ben> why 2
13:11 <~khuxkm|lounge> because it's HTML 2.0
13:11 <~khuxkm|lounge> duh

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02:05 <stompy> when i lived in charlotte we had a speed limit sign in our front yard
02:05 <stompy> one night we got super drunk
02:06 <stompy> i got my roommate mike to balance on my shoulders and i walked him over with some white paint
02:06 <stompy> from then on it said
02:06 <stompy> PEE LIMIT
02:06 <stompy> 25

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16:44 <khuxkm|lounge> !admin down
16:44 <sotdbot> khuxkm|lounge: You can't tell me what to do!
16:44 <khuxkm|lounge> FUCK YOU BITCH I OWN YOU
16:44 <-- sotdbot (sotdbot@tilde.team) has quit (Connection closed)

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13:23:37          @cmccabe | hey ben
13:23:48              ~ben | how goes it
13:23:54              ~ben | happy december
13:24:09          @cmccabe | it goes
13:24:22          @cmccabe | but it is december and the snow i ordered still hasn't arrived
13:24:42              ~ben | you ordered snow? wtf
13:24:46              ~ben | i'm so glad we don't have any yet
13:25:04          @cmccabe | i love snow
13:25:13              ~ben | you should move to michigan then
13:25:26              ~ben | i've had enough for several lifetimes

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#meta: who the fuck waits until they're legal to drink?

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17:10:13                 -- | You are now known as |
17:10:17                 +| | welp
17:10:22               ~ben | lol
17:10:22                 +| | I've done it now
17:10:25               ~ben | you're a madlad

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12:05 <~vilmibm> what does one do in animal crossing? i don't know anything about it
12:06 <desvox> vilmibm: you be cute, be gay, and do crimes

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12:07 <spacecadet> did yall know that animal crossing contains a real NES emulator?
12:07 <dozens> bad cart
12:08 <desvox> this isnt sonic 06 why it be like how it do
12:08 <aloosefruit> wait wat spacecadet
12:08 <dozens> wait wat spacecadet
12:08 <desvox> wait wat spacecadet
12:08 <fantoro> wait wat spacecadet
12:08 <aliasless> wait wat spacecadet

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