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Meanwhile, in the fallback channel on freenode
01:28 <fosslinux>  uh
01:28 <fosslinux>  the topic is spelt wrong
01:28 <fosslinux>  nitpick
01:28 <fosslinux>  whats the other one
01:28 <@khuxkm>  no it's not
01:28 <brendantcc>  khuxkm, buddy, are you okay?
01:28 <@khuxkm>  oh wait fuck it is holy shit
01:28 <fosslinux>  goup
01:28  The topic is:  https://tilde.team linux user goup
01:28 Topic set by * @benharri on 28 March 2018, 11:25:46
01:28 <fosslinux>  lmao
01:28 <@khuxkm>  blame ben
01:29 <fosslinux>  ok
01:29 <fosslinux>  #blameben
01:29 <brendantcc>  lmao
01:29 <@khuxkm>  it's his fault
01:29 * @khuxkm has changed the topic to:  https://tilde.team linux user group | "https://tilde.team linux user goup" ~ ben's topic, 2k18-2k19

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22:47 <~tomasino> when you eat a gingerbread man, do you start with a specific body part?
22:48 <~ahriman> i eat the legs of the gingerbread man first. if the gingerbread man can't walk away, it can't escape
22:48 <~tomasino> i usually start with the head
22:48 <~tomasino> mantis style
22:48 <~ahriman> you just kill it right off the bat
22:48 <~ben> probably feet
22:49 <~ahriman> i prefer for the gingerbread man to suffer and know its fate
22:49 <benharri> yoinks
22:49 <-- benharri (benharri@tilde.team) has quit (quit: WeeChat 2.3)
22:49 <~tomasino> love your approach
22:49 <~tomasino> gingerbread man deserves as much pain as you can muster

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01:45 <codingquark>  Good morning@
02:13 <ahriman>  hello codingquark 
02:13 <codingquark>  :D
02:14 <codingquark>  How goes the Voyage?
02:15 <ahriman>  i actually don't have an account, i just like following project development and i enjoy reading what others have posted on cosmic.voyage
02:17 <codingquark>  ahriman: same, I am currently reading what people write. Someday I'll start writing too many be.
02:21 <khuxkm>  "too many be"?
02:21 <ahriman>  khuxkm: i think they meant "Someday I'll start writing, too, maybe"
02:22 <khuxkm>  yeah that makes sense
02:22 <khuxkm>  more sense than my initial read of "I'll start writing too many bees"
02:23 <ahriman>  lol
02:23 <codingquark>  :'D
02:23 <codingquark>  khuxkm: *too may be

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01:10 <ahriman> npa you'd be proud of me, no steven seagal in three days i think
01:12 <npa> you better have watched the festive equivalent instead - die hard
01:12 <tunas> ahriman: Is your time zone still Seagal/Steven?
01:13 <ahriman> tunas yes
01:13 <ahriman> npa i didn't but i am watching a movie with john travolta and bruce willis in it
01:14 <npa> pulp fiction?
01:14 <ahriman> former black-ops agent, retired, his wife gets killed in a stick up so he teams up with his black ops buddy and they go HAM on the local criminal org who was connected
01:14 <npa> hmm.. don't think i know this one
01:15 <ahriman> I am Wrath
01:15 <ahriman> is the name
01:16 <tunas> I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Steven, is in fact, Seagal/Steven, or as I've recently taken to calling it, Seagal plus Steven. Steven is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning Seagal system made useful by the Seagal corelibs, shell utilities and vital system
01:16 <tunas> components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
01:16 <tunas> Many computer users run a modified version of the Seagal system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of Seagal which is widely used today is often called "Steven", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the Seagal system, developed by the Seagal Project.
01:16 <ahriman> jesus fucking christ tunas

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<ahriman> tildebot needs to be euthanized                                                                                              
<TildeBot> ahriman: Someone needs to be euthanized.                                                                                     <ahriman> !!!!

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02:05 <fosslinux>  rip wat happened to ben
02:05 <fosslinux>  hes GONE
02:13 <~ahriman>  vacation
02:13 <~ahriman>  he went to the Kalahari Desert for Christmas
02:13 <~ahriman>  said something about "kicking Les Stroud Survivorman's Ass" as he stormed out of chat with a rucksack and a machete
02:18 <fosslinux>  lol
02:19 <fosslinux>  rip khuxkm everything's down to you when *insert name of some idiot like me* runs nmap on ~team
02:24 <login>  I thought nmap is disabled now
02:25 <login>  is ping disabled?
02:40 <~khuxkm|lounge>  login: it's a reference to the last time tilde.team had an outage
02:41 <~khuxkm|lounge>  basically foss is saying that responsibility falls to me (though technically it also falls to cmc) should the fecal matter hit the wind proprelling device
02:43 <nonlinear>  Who knows about pad.tildeverse.org?
02:44 <nonlinear>  Specifically, the Rich Text Pad formatting toolbar isn't working.
02:45 <nonlinear>  I believe the CSP must not be specified correctly.
02:46 <SinaCutie>  o/
02:48 <~khuxkm|lounge>  of course it isn't working, when ben (the cryptpad expert) is on vacation
02:49 <nonlinear>  It couldn't be any other way :)

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14:38 <TildeBot> How To Count Past Infinity - YouTube https://bhh.sh/2na
14:38 <+jan6> seen at some point of my existance
14:38 <TildeBot> I don't know who at is.
14:38 <+aewens> no u TildeBot 
14:38 <TildeBot> no u infinity aewens
14:38 <TildeBot> aewens: Wtf r u talkin bout.
14:39 <+jan6> tildebot doesn't now what existance is, after all
14:39 <TildeBot> jan6: , Quit your miserable existance at once!
14:39 <+jan6> lol

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12:37 <+aewens> Is it illegal to run a business virtually killing people to avoid lawsuits from overseas governments by breaking and entering into stranger's homes to use their computers to access a botnet to discretely communicate with your customers?
12:37 <+aewens> Maybe
12:38 <~ben> i'd go with a definite yes?
12:38 <+aewens> I think law officials would agree with you. In every country. Ever.
12:39 <%ubergeek> I think just the last part is a problem.

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22:43 <fosslinux>  the great tilde.team migration 2: was this to hetzner
22:43 <~khuxkm|lounge>  yeah'
22:43 <~khuxkm|lounge>  well to a dedi box at least
22:44 <~khuxkm|lounge>  the first one was to a VPS
22:44 <~tomasino>  ;) ben
22:44 <fosslinux>  from?
22:44 <~khuxkm|lounge>  idfk ask ben
22:44 <~tomasino>  before hetzner? ben ran tilde.team in his head
22:44 <fosslinux>  lol
22:44 <~tomasino>  he sketched it out on paper really fast
22:44 <fosslinux>  6gb -> 64 gb
22:44 <fosslinux>  ram
22:44 <~tomasino>  incredible stuff, but the headaches!
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  tomasino: no, he typed it into the computer
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  but yeah the headaches were probably terrible
22:45 <~tomasino>  it was just ben running netcat and typing back to everyone in real time
22:45 <fosslinux>  lol
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  so glad he got the VPS to lighten the load on himself
22:45 <~tomasino>  seriously
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  to this day, though, the real mission-critical processes are ran in his head
22:45 <~tomasino>  quote 99, eh?
22:45 <~tomasino>  how many quotes are me now?
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  don't tell him I told you

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22:28 <~tomasino> in reality, it was ben. He lured me into his van with candy and before I knew it I was scripting things in his little hole in the ground, putting the lotion on its skin, all of it

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