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02:32 <dacav> what's up?
02:32 <bdeshi> the ceiling at the moment
02:32 <dacav> ah, me too
02:33 <dacav> Is it one of those fake-ceiling that you can open up and lay out wires?
02:33 <bdeshi> nope it's declared as const
02:37 <dacav> Mine too, but it's made of const pointers to non-const items, so you can still change it's components
02:38 <bdeshi> well my ceiling has everything as private objects
02:38 <bdeshi> some debugging tools are required to inspect or modify them
02:39 <june> I don't have the debug symbols for my ceilings :(
02:41 <ensa> in attempting to recompile my ceiling, i realized that the dev headers package hasn't been updated in years

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