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02:24 <npa> downvote this

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<liesinties> It's gonna be forever hot except for about a week in january here.
<kernel_pancake> global fookin heating
<kernel_pancake> when are we all predicated to die again?
<liesinties> Tuesday.
<kernel_pancake> Nice
<kumquat> fingers crossed

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<&login> but you must cut off your genitals and give them to me

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21:22 <+dokuja> Supermation Infohighway

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01:22 <login> ,wa 126*333+111
01:22 <BitBot> [Wolfram|Alpha] 126×333 + 111: 42069
01:22 <login> really, brendo?
01:22 <brendo> gbmor sent that one not me
01:22 <~gbmor> (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

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<robdrake> jan6 do you just like to argue?
<Kneezle>  yes, he does
<Kneezle>  he's also frequently right
<Kneezle>  but he has infinitely more patience to argue than i do.
<jan6>     ^_^

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[20:54:05] <june> bepsi
[20:55:10] <nue> god i love pepsi cock
[20:55:12] <nue> *coke
[20:55:39] <june> uh huh what a typo

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11:53 <anton> hi
11:55 <anton> did I miss anything?
11:57 <jess> no
11:57 <jess> why do you always ask that
11:58 <anton> jess: because I want to know if anything interesting happened while I was away
11:58 <jess> get a bot that logs for you
12:05 <anton> jess: idk where I'd host the bot at
12:05 <~ubergeek> If only there was some place that offered shell access, with the tools needed to build software, and run daemons... :P
12:06 <anton> 99.999% of the time I'm not online from the vps is when it's rebooting or installing updates of some kind
12:07 <~ubergeek> It'd nice if there some association of server operators, that hosted znc or something, too :P
12:07 <@cmccabe> someone should invent that, ubergeek.  i bet it would be popular.
12:08 <~ubergeek> They should.  I bet they'd get rich doing it.
12:08 <@cmccabe> it could even keep costs down by using a great free os like linux or *bsd
12:09 <~ubergeek> yeah, I think that'd be the ticket.  I hope someday, someone invents a service like that
12:14 <~khuxkm> why not us? we're server operators
12:14 <~khuxkm> we could be rich!
12:14 <~khuxkm> but what would we call it?
12:15 --> earthnuker (~earthnuker@ has joined #meta
12:15 <~ubergeek> I dunno.  Maybe call it a umlautverse?
12:15 <Kneezle> lol
12:15 <arisotura> hoi
12:15 <~ubergeek> Or, tildeworld?
12:15 <~khuxkm> no no no
12:15 <~khuxkm> umlaut is a garbage diacritic
12:16 <~khuxkm> and ____world is overused
12:16 <~khuxkm> how about tildeverse?
12:16 <~ubergeek> true. tildeland?
12:16 <~ubergeek> tildeverse sounds so stupid.  I mean, who would use something called that?
12:16  * khuxkm looks at camera

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23:19 <~ben> compile those fonts
23:20 <praetor> hehe
23:22 <fosslinux> Run gentoo
23:22 <fosslinux> "must compile kernel"
23:22 <fosslinux> Run lfs
23:23 <fosslinux> "cannot compile kernel"
23:23 <fosslinux> Gains depression
23:23 <praetor> awww
23:24 <jchelpau> compiling a kernel is easy though
23:24 <~aewens> Unless if you overcome that depression and build your compiler, then you attain enlightenment.
23:24 <jchelpau> yes, lock yourself in a room with SICP and bootstrap your way out of depression

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02:52 <tunas> BORN TO CHAT
02:52 <tunas> IRC MODES ARE A FUCK
02:52 <tunas> G:Line Em All 1989
02:52 <june> :D
02:52 <tunas> I am ban man
02:52 <tunas> 410757864530 (IR)Cops
02:53 <tunas> dead (ir)cops*

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19:39  * lickthecheese nosebleeds on jan6
19:39 < demure> kinky
19:39  * jan6 drinks the blood and grows stronger
19:39  * lickthecheese confirms jan6 is vampire
19:39 < jan6> you forgot that there were vampires in my lineage

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04:32 < kylie> ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< KYLIE!
04:32 < alex11> ,kidnap
04:33 < kylie> no!
04:33 <~khuxkm> ,kidnap
04:33 < kylie> no!!!!
04:33 < kylie> be nice to me!!!!!
04:33 <~khuxkm> ,chloroform
04:33 < isvarahparamahkrsnah> ,white van
04:33 < isvarahparamahkrsnah> lmao
04:33 < kylie> don't like this
04:33 < kylie> that got creepy fast

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05:02:57 june: be gay do crimes                    

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21:12 <mushmouth> you won't know what's real or fake
21:12 <+jan6> it's a theatre ALREADY
21:15 <+aewens> I mean, most of your life is theater. We all try to collect pieces of paper with no inherit value because other people pretend it has value, and we go through our lives thinking that getting these papers are important while everything else alive is constantly cycling through the food chain as we pretend we are not a part of it.
21:17 <+aewens> You drive down a slab of stone inside a metal/glass beast at ungodly speeds and the only thing that keeps order is some paint on the ground and lights that change color.
21:20 <+aewens> You spend your youth learning topics you'll objectively use almost none of in your daily life because others told you that it's needed to get a job, and only once your brain has stopped learning things at the amazing rate that children can do is when they ask you to specialize your knowledge moments before you enter the work force to earn those pieces of paper.
21:23 <+aewens> You are asked to spend ungodly amounts of money on this specialized knowledge training that is in many instances dated or more theory than application and is all summarized for employers in the form of another piece of paper, and you work to pay off that fancy sheet of paper from your job that pays you in pieces of paper.
21:26 <+aewens> But the pieces of paper are going away slowly and becoming even more valueless, it's now mostly a number on some computers. So people then dedicate their lives to making a number on a computer go up so they can exchange the compute numbers for food, goods, and services but you usually only have enough for just enough of those things to survive.
21:29 <+aewens> If we were to all were to suddenly no longer give value to the computer numbers, the pieces of paper, the paint on the ground, and the changing color lights we are now back into the system of the rest of the world around us that needs to hunt/gather for food and find/create shelter to survive.
21:29 <+aewens> </rant>
21:30 <+aewens> So anyways, how has everyone been enjoying the weekend so far?

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14:42 <tildebridge> <~FreeAppSW> hmmmm
14:42 <tildebridge> <~FreeAppSW> what about a brand new chat service based on irc?
14:42 <+aewens> That's called slack
14:42 <tildebridge> <~FreeAppSW> no
14:42 <tildebridge> <~FreeAppSW> or wait

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