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10:23 <tomasino> the logic of the lucky is seldom sane

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23:19:10     tomasino | i'm back home
23:19:12     tomasino | pants are gone
23:19:18     tomasino | ready for some me time
23:19:23     tomasino | i'm thinking shadow tactics 

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22:43 <fosslinux>  the great migration 2: was this to hetzner
22:43 <~khuxkm|lounge>  yeah'
22:43 <~khuxkm|lounge>  well to a dedi box at least
22:44 <~khuxkm|lounge>  the first one was to a VPS
22:44 <~tomasino>  ;) ben
22:44 <fosslinux>  from?
22:44 <~khuxkm|lounge>  idfk ask ben
22:44 <~tomasino>  before hetzner? ben ran in his head
22:44 <fosslinux>  lol
22:44 <~tomasino>  he sketched it out on paper really fast
22:44 <fosslinux>  6gb -> 64 gb
22:44 <fosslinux>  ram
22:44 <~tomasino>  incredible stuff, but the headaches!
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  tomasino: no, he typed it into the computer
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  but yeah the headaches were probably terrible
22:45 <~tomasino>  it was just ben running netcat and typing back to everyone in real time
22:45 <fosslinux>  lol
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  so glad he got the VPS to lighten the load on himself
22:45 <~tomasino>  seriously
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  to this day, though, the real mission-critical processes are ran in his head
22:45 <~tomasino>  quote 99, eh?
22:45 <~tomasino>  how many quotes are me now?
22:45 <~khuxkm|lounge>  don't tell him I told you

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22:00 <jan6> ^
22:00 <woestijnvis> ^
22:00 <woestijnvis> That
22:00 <jan6> ^
22:00 <jan6> what he said
22:00 <woestijnvis> And that ^
22:00 <jan6> ^also that
22:00 <woestijnvis> What jan6 said
22:00 <jan6> ^exactly

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22:28 <~tomasino> in reality, it was ben. He lured me into his van with candy and before I knew it I was scripting things in his little hole in the ground, putting the lotion on its skin, all of it

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23:56 <desvox> if i was sober i could afford things
23:56 <desvox> not worth it
23:56 <+jan6> if you were sober you could afford more booze :3
23:57 <desvox> saving up for the best relapse of my life
23:59 <kumquat> brilliant jan6
23:59 <~ben> lol qotd

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05:56:39       desvox | and i have just completely lost my motivation to do it alone
06:20:23        +jan6 | <insert motivational speech here> 
06:22:09        kuriz | wow...
06:22:18        kuriz | this changes everything!

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13:54 <+jan6> ALMOST 69

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12:31 --> pizza [pizza] (Unknown) ( has joined #club
12:32 <pizza> so how could i make a tilde server?
12:33 <tomasino> step 1...
12:33 <tomasino> cut a hole in a box
12:35 <pizza> ah yes what is the next step?
12:40 <tomasino> you're gonna wanna put yo junk IN that box
12:40  * tomasino sings it
12:40 <tomasino> and that's basically how you tilde
12:41 <tomasino> except the box is a vm somewhere, or a raspberry pi, and the junk is a bunch of shell utils, web server with userdirs, and you cut a hole in it by giving out ssh access
12:41 <tomasino> Thanks for coming to my TED talk
12:41  * bradley claps

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21:12 <mushmouth> you won't know what's real or fake
21:12 <+jan6> it's a theatre ALREADY
21:15 <+aewens> I mean, most of your life is theater. We all try to collect pieces of paper with no inherit value because other people pretend it has value, and we go through our lives thinking that getting these papers are important while everything else alive is constantly cycling through the food chain as we pretend we are not a part of it.
21:17 <+aewens> You drive down a slab of stone inside a metal/glass beast at ungodly speeds and the only thing that keeps order is some paint on the ground and lights that change color.
21:20 <+aewens> You spend your youth learning topics you'll objectively use almost none of in your daily life because others told you that it's needed to get a job, and only once your brain has stopped learning things at the amazing rate that children can do is when they ask you to specialize your knowledge moments before you enter the work force to earn those pieces of paper.
21:23 <+aewens> You are asked to spend ungodly amounts of money on this specialized knowledge training that is in many instances dated or more theory than application and is all summarized for employers in the form of another piece of paper, and you work to pay off that fancy sheet of paper from your job that pays you in pieces of paper.
21:26 <+aewens> But the pieces of paper are going away slowly and becoming even more valueless, it's now mostly a number on some computers. So people then dedicate their lives to making a number on a computer go up so they can exchange the compute numbers for food, goods, and services but you usually only have enough for just enough of those things to survive.
21:29 <+aewens> If we were to all were to suddenly no longer give value to the computer numbers, the pieces of paper, the paint on the ground, and the changing color lights we are now back into the system of the rest of the world around us that needs to hunt/gather for food and find/create shelter to survive.
21:29 <+aewens> </rant>
21:30 <+aewens> So anyways, how has everyone been enjoying the weekend so far?

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