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22:50 <ben> can i spotify even if i don't have an acconut?
22:50 <ben> a coconut
22:50 <ben> an account

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15:25 <epicmorphism> nice gopherhole
15:26 <~aewens> "nice gopherhole" is one of those things that is fine to say in the tech world and only in the tech world
15:26 <~tomasino> hehe
15:26 <~tomasino> i was just thinking the same thing
15:26 <threv> that's my pickup line
15:26 <cdmnky> well, furries say that all the time lol
15:26 <threv> that is no longer my pickup line

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[22:11] Rph: lol lego
[22:11] Rph: brb gonna build a real pinball machine
[22:11] G Softwares: in electron
[22:12] Rph: no
[22:12] Rph: with a few arduinos
[22:12] G Softwares: ah
[22:12] G Softwares: k
[22:12] G Softwares: and electron code

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<script>alert("did this fail");</script>

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15:26:04 <~lickthecheese> quacccccc
15:26:06 <~lickthecheese> duccccccc
15:26:08 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:09 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:10 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:10 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:12 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:12 <~lickthecheese>  ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:17 <~BitBot> ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< QUACK!
15:26:29 <~lickthecheese> ha i have summoned the duck with fake quacking
15:26:31 <~lickthecheese> ,hug
15:26:31 <~BitBot> [Ducks] lickthecheese befriended a duck in 14.1 seconds! 
                   You've befriended 34 ducks in #chaos!

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[00:57:36] <npa> it sounds loose in atlanta jesus christ

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15:38  * jan6 goes to shop, first time leaving the house in WEEKS
15:38 <praetor> wow. and I thought I was a shut-in
15:38 <jan6> I know, right

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cdmnky │ jeez, it's almost 10. i better go and take a shower                                                                                        
SinaCutie │ Good luck!                                                                                                                                 
* │ cdmnky grabs a screwdriver and a flashlight

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18:29 <tunas> fsck --dont-actually-check
18:29 <tunas> An alias for fsck -n that's objectively cooler xD
18:29 <~ben> ls --dont-list-files
18:29 <tunas> Why isn't --dont-bother a universal argument?
18:29 <~ben> sudont

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ben: no u

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~rndusr: merp
~xfnw: merp
~cano: merp
~rndusr: merp
~cano: you said it twice
~rndusr: merp
~rndusr: while true: print('merp')
rndusr has kicked cano (yes)
cano has joined #chaos
~cano: They're going to come here and arrest you
~cano: They're going to process you
~cano: They're going to put you in a meat grinder
~rndusr: what
~cano: They're going to make sausage out of you
~cano: You will be sausage, mark my words
~rndusr: that sounds like a crime
~cano: I am a criminal
~rndusr: plot twist

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21:19 <kumquat> I feel like there's got to be a crazy rich person somewhere who would  be willing to let someone just lounge around and do nothing
21:19 <kumquat> and get paid for it
21:22 <cren> kumquat, is mspe rich? he might be able to pay you to do nothing all day
21:23 <kumquat> unfortunately not
21:23 <kumquat> I keep telling him to make a dumb game app that makes us billions but he's more concentrated on things that will actually be USEFUL
21:23 <kumquat> SIGH
21:23 <cren> what an awful husband
21:24 <kumquat> agreed
21:24 <@cmccabe> mspe: is secretly rich.  he is waiting for the day when kumquat has proven herself so he can reveal the full splendor of his wealth
21:25 <kumquat> if I haven't already proven myself with all the awesome stuff I've already done for him, I guess I'll never find out
21:25 <kumquat> :P
21:25 <@cmccabe> he's waiting for one more perfect sour dough batch (but sshh, i didn't tell you)
21:25 <kumquat> LOL
21:25 <kumquat> well he may be waiting a while
21:26 <kumquat> I don't know if my sourdough pizza dough turned out right
21:26 <blitzkraft> who would've thunk, sour dough brings the dough
21:26 <mspe> only then shall I reveal an old hard drive with a 1,000 BTC wallet
21:26 <blitzkraft> woah.
21:26 <kumquat> lol

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june | like you normally just think about IP as being 1:1 communication but then you run traceroute and it's like
<-- | dax ( has quit (quit: brb)

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14:22 <lickthecheese> killall -u root -9
14:22 <lickthecheese> thats how i exit vim

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<tomasino> yay gopher!
<ahriman> yay
<tomasino> yay australia!
<ahriman> koalas n shit!
 * cat cracks a tinnie

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