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19:14 <spideria> anyway I guess the next grown up thing to do is learn to drive
19:14 <june> whoa
19:15 <june> spideria is becoming a boomer
19:15 <hackintech> lol
19:15 <spideria> maybe have a kid
19:15 <spideria> who knows
19:15 <hackintech> no you don't want that
19:15 <spideria> yeah probably not
19:15 <spideria> idk I like other people's kids
19:15 <spideria> hopefully my brother will have one soon
19:16 <spideria> he and I had a nice game of age of empires 2 the other day
19:17 <alex11> give birth to a car
19:17 <hackintech> there you go
19:17 <hackintech> big brain

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02:05 <~ahriman> fosslinux: plz console me with tales of how the Knights of Parametric Polymorphism saved the kingdom of Software Engineeria from the evil Anti-Pattern Imperial Army
02:05 <~ahriman> npa: you too
02:05 <npa> generics are sweet
02:05 <~ahriman> oh
02:05 <npa> just imagine it's copying and pasting the code but with different types
02:06 <~ahriman> nifty, but it doesn't sound like an epic folktale
02:07 <npa> the knights performed ritualistic mitosis, generating swathes of different legion calvaries
02:07 <~ahriman> oooooooo
02:08 <npa> all forming alliance to fight against skelington, the singleton anti-pattern
02:08 <~ahriman> i hate him! he's so mean
02:09 <npa> skelington's power of always having a single instance around meant traditional weapons were useless
02:09 <~ahriman> oh no!!!
02:09 <npa> it was up to the mighty end-of-program destructor to fire to quench this evil beast
02:09 <~ahriman> get 'em
02:09 <npa> 360-no scope
02:10 <~ahriman> haha

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01:18 <npa> a moose once bit my sister
01:19 <~ahriman> what the hell did she do to the moose
01:19 <npa> No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian møvies: "The Høt Hands of an Oslo Dentist", "Fillings of Passion", "The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink"
01:20 <~ahriman> oh dear

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12:37 <+aewens> Is it illegal to run a business virtually killing people to avoid lawsuits from overseas governments by breaking and entering into stranger's homes to use their computers to access a botnet to discretely communicate with your customers?
12:37 <+aewens> Maybe
12:38 <~ben> i'd go with a definite yes?
12:38 <+aewens> I think law officials would agree with you. In every country. Ever.
12:39 <%ubergeek> I think just the last part is a problem.

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14:46 <~ben> i haven't had soup in a long time
15:07 <jesopo> why nor
15:07 <jesopo> not
15:15 <younix> sometimes life just gets in the way
15:15 <younix> it's hard to make time for soup in the hustle bustle of the hectic modern world
15:16 <younix> we can't always get the soup we need, even though we know it's important

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20:10            * kirch has worn the letters off the following keys: aces
20:16 <~aewens>  This just in, kirch's password contains the letters "aces"
20:18 <kirch>    I can neither confirm nor deny that

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09:59 <~ben> theone: are you neo
10:00 <~ben> mr anderson
10:00 <theone> i am the alter ego of neo
10:00 -- jan6 is now known as Agent_Smith
10:00 <Kneezle|Web> nooo
10:00 <theone> no pls
10:00 <Kneezle|Web> not Agent_Smith
10:00 <theone> help
10:00 <~ben> oh no
10:00 <+Agent_Smith> yes
10:00 <+Agent_Smith> YESS
10:00 <Kneezle|Web> noooo

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14:42 <tildebridge> <~FreeAppSW> hmmmm
14:42 <tildebridge> <~FreeAppSW> what about a brand new chat service based on irc?
14:42 <+aewens> That's called slack
14:42 <tildebridge> <~FreeAppSW> no
14:42 <tildebridge> <~FreeAppSW> or wait

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23:23 < novaburst> oh my blog is no longer under$(whoami)/blog by the way
23:23 < novaburst> it's on$(whoami)
23:23 < june> why would your blog be at
23:23 < novaburst> because bashblog says so?
23:24 < june> why would it be under my user name
23:24 < novaburst> I don't use bashblog so *shrug*
23:24 < june> you're the one telling me it's at $(whoami)
23:24 < june> which is june
23:24 < novaburst> lol
23:24 < novaburst> substitute that command with my username
23:25 < june> but it expands to my username
23:25 < novaburst> plot twist

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<thefunkyspaw> shreyas: The world makes a lot more sense when you realize most people want to slack off

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04:32 < kylie> ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o< KYLIE!
04:32 < alex11> ,kidnap
04:33 < kylie> no!
04:33 <~khuxkm> ,kidnap
04:33 < kylie> no!!!!
04:33 < kylie> be nice to me!!!!!
04:33 <~khuxkm> ,chloroform
04:33 < isvarahparamahkrsnah> ,white van
04:33 < isvarahparamahkrsnah> lmao
04:33 < kylie> don't like this
04:33 < kylie> that got creepy fast

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20:56 < JonPizza7> he quacc
20:56 < JonPizza7> he smacc
20:56 < JonPizza7> but most importantly
20:56 < JonPizza7> he licc (the cheese)

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[21:25:51] <epoch> burritos are like blunts.

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23:19 <~ben> compile those fonts
23:20 <praetor> hehe
23:22 <fosslinux> Run gentoo
23:22 <fosslinux> "must compile kernel"
23:22 <fosslinux> Run lfs
23:23 <fosslinux> "cannot compile kernel"
23:23 <fosslinux> Gains depression
23:23 <praetor> awww
23:24 <jchelpau> compiling a kernel is easy though
23:24 <~aewens> Unless if you overcome that depression and build your compiler, then you attain enlightenment.
23:24 <jchelpau> yes, lock yourself in a room with SICP and bootstrap your way out of depression

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17:20 <stompy> is it sacrilege to use trebuchet ms as your gtk/qt font in linux
17:20 <stompy> i cant help it i like the font
17:20 <~ben> probably sacrilege lol
17:20 <~ben> but i'm not judging
17:20 <stompy> what if i used internet explorer in wine
17:20 * Kneezle|shouldbeworking sobs
17:20 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> plx no

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