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<Tomasino> ,hug
<BitBot> [Ducks] tomasino befriended a duck in 37279.42 seconds! You've befriended 14 ducks in #meta!
<~ahriman> holy shit tomasino

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[smlckz]: 88oRqwadueNUrblgvQO0UdeRFum0
[smlckz]: sorry lol
login: [smlckz]: nice password
anton: [smlckz]: nice password
anton: jinx
login: anton: yup
[smlckz]: rofl
login: we were of one mind there
login: it could be a conincidence
login: or a sign from god
login: I mean jan6
anton: all hail jan6
jan6: all hail jan6
[smlckz]: how can we grab this holy moment

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03:46 <murii> Remember, a few hours of trial and error can save you several minutes of looking at the README.

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15:41 <+aewens> Which I am currently trying to understand how the cloning software works since a customer is trying to use it to fit a square block into a round hole.
15:41 <tildebeast> if you put the customer on a lathe they'll fit after careful adjustment

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16:49 <@ben> iirc it's an eggdrop
16:50 <mushmouth> it is eggdrop but i'm not sure which script he has for it
16:50 <aewens> Now I want eggdrop soup.
16:51 <mushmouth> i want aewens soup
16:51 <aewens> I don't think you do.
16:51 <@virtual> mushmouth '^'
16:51 <@ben> omf what
16:51 <@ben> owo
16:52 * sebboh swoops in and drops a ' in the statement
16:52 <@ben> '''''
16:53 * aewens takes a long step backwards away from mushmouth.
16:53 <mushmouth> :P
16:53 <mushmouth> ~~~~~~~~~~~
16:53 <aewens> It's not me, it's you :P
16:53 <sebboh> aewens' soup. See? Perfectly normal, if a bit thievy.
16:53 <@ben> "a bit thievy"

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<acdw> i wish they'd get rid of it in the US
<tomasino> i wish they'd get rid of the US
<~ben> i wish they'd get rid of the us
<~ben> omg
<tomasino> :D
<tomasino> twinsies!
<~ben> jinx

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03:01:48 edwardthefma | too me a fee
03:03:46            * | edwardthefma dornt lik this in sell irc
03:05:00       slipyx | can you say that again in english please
03:05:41          <-- | edwardthefma ( has quit (quit: WeeChat 2.3)

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<~deepend> NormalHuman555 hasn't been online in a long time.. killed it off.. but got bored so hes back lol
<NormalHuman555> deepend: Awww geez, i'm using up the time left to think that i haven't had the strangest dream... I dreamed i killed you again.

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<tomasino> yay gopher!
<ahriman> yay
<tomasino> yay australia!
<ahriman> koalas n shit!
 * cat cracks a tinnie

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Meanwhile, in the fallback channel on freenode
01:28 <fosslinux>  uh
01:28 <fosslinux>  the topic is spelt wrong
01:28 <fosslinux>  nitpick
01:28 <fosslinux>  whats the other one
01:28 <@khuxkm>  no it's not
01:28 <brendantcc>  khuxkm, buddy, are you okay?
01:28 <@khuxkm>  oh wait fuck it is holy shit
01:28 <fosslinux>  goup
01:28  The topic is: linux user goup
01:28 Topic set by * @benharri on 28 March 2018, 11:25:46
01:28 <fosslinux>  lmao
01:28 <@khuxkm>  blame ben
01:29 <fosslinux>  ok
01:29 <fosslinux>  #blameben
01:29 <brendantcc>  lmao
01:29 <@khuxkm>  it's his fault
01:29 * @khuxkm has changed the topic to: linux user group | " linux user goup" ~ ben's topic, 2k18-2k19

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17:55 * aewens wiggles jan6's mouse to end suspend mode
17:55 <SinaCutie> (That's not a mouse)
17:56 <+aewens> (oh my)

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14:18:29   +jan6 | who needs to smoke to get high? don't you have a brain full of complex chemicals?
14:18:54 kumquat | weed is easier than mind control
14:19:15 +aewens | Who needs drugs when you can just breathe in deeply next to a chocolate cake to remind you why life is worth living?
14:19:32       * | jan6 steals said cake
14:19:43       * | aewens tells jan6 that the cake is a lie.

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<script>alert("did this fail");</script>

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More adventures in #tea:

kiedtl> \coffee
* barista passes kiedtl a short lukewarm hazelnut cappuccino with 1 shot of espresso!
kiedtl> fuck. wrong channel
* kiedtl has kicked kiedtl from #tea (your presence in this community is no longer desirable) 

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<khuxkm> can you guys stop talking, I'm trying to copy the news link >:(

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