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02:52 <tunas> BORN TO CHAT
02:52 <tunas> IRC MODES ARE A FUCK
02:52 <tunas> G:Line Em All 1989
02:52 <june> :D
02:52 <tunas> I am ban man
02:52 <tunas> 410757864530 (IR)Cops
02:53 <tunas> dead (ir)cops*

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23:22:00 +jan6 | I exist
23:22:06  @ben | not sure why you'd need to

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17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> I'm starting a band called HTML Encoder
17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> Looking to buy a guitar &amp;
17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> :-D
17:44 <~ben> guitar and what? ;)
17:44 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> lol
17:44 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> best reply ever

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<&login> the smart don't have it any better than the unsmart

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23:19:10 tomasino | i'm back home
23:19:12 tomasino | pants are gone
23:19:18 tomasino | ready for some me time
23:19:23 tomasino | i'm thinking shadow tactics 

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14:18:55 -- │ jan6 is now known as jan6|falseprophet

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13:22 <kirch> the great thing about having kids is that I tell my parents what lego sets "my kids" want for their birthday, then I get to build them :3

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12:23 <@ben> TildeBot: where are you getting your information
12:23 <TildeBot> ben: Data is information, especially that stored in a computer program, and i am a human being. That should be obvious from my ability to learn.

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#meta: who the fuck waits until they're legal to drink?

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21:49:07 @ben    | fuck me
21:49:09 @khuxkm | yes ben   

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03:01 <~ben> which shouldn't be surprising though, cause i hadn't even heard of comptuercrfa
03:01 <~ben> jfc
03:01 <~ben> i was doing so well until i got to that last word
03:01 <~ben> computercraft

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11:53 <anton> hi
11:55 <anton> did I miss anything?
11:57 <jess> no
11:57 <jess> why do you always ask that
11:58 <anton> jess: because I want to know if anything interesting happened while I was away
11:58 <jess> get a bot that logs for you
12:05 <anton> jess: idk where I'd host the bot at
12:05 <~ubergeek> If only there was some place that offered shell access, with the tools needed to build software, and run daemons... :P
12:06 <anton> 99.999% of the time I'm not online from the vps is when it's rebooting or installing updates of some kind
12:07 <~ubergeek> It'd nice if there some association of server operators, that hosted znc or something, too :P
12:07 <@cmccabe> someone should invent that, ubergeek.  i bet it would be popular.
12:08 <~ubergeek> They should.  I bet they'd get rich doing it.
12:08 <@cmccabe> it could even keep costs down by using a great free os like linux or *bsd
12:09 <~ubergeek> yeah, I think that'd be the ticket.  I hope someday, someone invents a service like that
12:14 <~khuxkm> why not us? we're server operators
12:14 <~khuxkm> we could be rich!
12:14 <~khuxkm> but what would we call it?
12:15 --> earthnuker (~earthnuker@ has joined #meta
12:15 <~ubergeek> I dunno.  Maybe call it a umlautverse?
12:15 <Kneezle> lol
12:15 <arisotura> hoi
12:15 <~ubergeek> Or, tildeworld?
12:15 <~khuxkm> no no no
12:15 <~khuxkm> umlaut is a garbage diacritic
12:16 <~khuxkm> and ____world is overused
12:16 <~khuxkm> how about tildeverse?
12:16 <~ubergeek> true. tildeland?
12:16 <~ubergeek> tildeverse sounds so stupid.  I mean, who would use something called that?
12:16  * khuxkm looks at camera

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13:48 <ben> systemd already solves that
13:48 <khuxkm> I don't like systemd :P
13:48 <ben> oh
13:48 <ben> i see how it is
13:48 <ben> it's so nice though
13:49 <khuxkm> if it would just stick to what it's good at
13:49 <khuxkm> and not slowly eat the rest of Linux for dinner

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2020-11-15 00:11:03  <anelki> when we started to gather this morning and the magafucks were showing up, this kid looked at me and the person next to me an asked why we were dressed like cops. parent: "they're not dressed like cops, they're dressed like antifa." person next to me: "...supersoldiers!"

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22:51 <slipyx> ;eval True
22:51 <dustbot> > True
22:51 <slipyx> began writing this when i thought evaluating python and erotic novel quotes were all a bot was need for
22:52 <slipyx> wasnt expecting to evolve it

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