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01:22 <login> ,wa 126*333+111
01:22 <BitBot> [Wolfram|Alpha] 126×333 + 111: 42069
01:22 <login> really, brendo?
01:22 <brendo> gbmor sent that one not me
01:22 <~gbmor> (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

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flook: hm.
flook: i'm bored.                      
ben: o/
flook: ello
alex11: hi bored i'm alex
~ben: i'm ben
bkembo: i'm bkembo
flook: i can't believe those jokes are still used today
flook: and people still find them funny...

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05:02:57 june: be gay do crimes                    

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01:18 <npa> a moose once bit my sister
01:19 <~ahriman> what the hell did she do to the moose
01:19 <npa> No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian møvies: "The Høt Hands of an Oslo Dentist", "Fillings of Passion", "The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink"
01:20 <~ahriman> oh dear

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21:22 <+dokuja> Supermation Infohighway

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23:22:00 +jan6 | I exist
23:22:06  @ben | not sure why you'd need to

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22:36:14 brendantcc │ tomasino: YR NOT MAH DAD!! REE
22:36:27  +tomasino │ but what if I WAS your dad?
22:36:30  +tomasino │ how weird would that be?
22:36:33 brendantcc │ very
22:36:38 brendantcc │ very fuckin' weird
22:36:41 brendantcc │ non-dad
22:36:55  +tomasino │ :)

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21:58 <bhh> i would like to try to be in bed before midnight
21:58 <bhh> but we'll see what happens
21:58 <bhh> anyone have any string quartet recommendations
21:58 <bhh> i've already listened to borodin no2 three times today

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22:51 <slipyx> ;eval True
22:51 <dustbot> > True
22:51 <slipyx> began writing this when i thought evaluating python and erotic novel quotes were all a bot was need for
22:52 <slipyx> wasnt expecting to evolve it

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12:53 <@khuxkm|lounge> 'cause I'd rather have my asthma be worse than stop using linux

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20:32 <acdw> u need more jan6
20:32 -- Mode #meta [+b R:jan6] by kumquat
20:33 <-- kumquat has kicked jan6

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[21:25:51] <epoch> burritos are like blunts.

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21:19 <kumquat> I feel like there's got to be a crazy rich person somewhere who would  be willing to let someone just lounge around and do nothing
21:19 <kumquat> and get paid for it
21:22 <cren> kumquat, is mspe rich? he might be able to pay you to do nothing all day
21:23 <kumquat> unfortunately not
21:23 <kumquat> I keep telling him to make a dumb game app that makes us billions but he's more concentrated on things that will actually be USEFUL
21:23 <kumquat> SIGH
21:23 <cren> what an awful husband
21:24 <kumquat> agreed
21:24 <@cmccabe> mspe: is secretly rich.  he is waiting for the day when kumquat has proven herself so he can reveal the full splendor of his wealth
21:25 <kumquat> if I haven't already proven myself with all the awesome stuff I've already done for him, I guess I'll never find out
21:25 <kumquat> :P
21:25 <@cmccabe> he's waiting for one more perfect sour dough batch (but sshh, i didn't tell you)
21:25 <kumquat> LOL
21:25 <kumquat> well he may be waiting a while
21:26 <kumquat> I don't know if my sourdough pizza dough turned out right
21:26 <blitzkraft> who would've thunk, sour dough brings the dough
21:26 <mspe> only then shall I reveal an old hard drive with a 1,000 BTC wallet
21:26 <blitzkraft> woah.
21:26 <kumquat> lol

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02:52 <tunas> BORN TO CHAT
02:52 <tunas> IRC MODES ARE A FUCK
02:52 <tunas> G:Line Em All 1989
02:52 <june> :D
02:52 <tunas> I am ban man
02:52 <tunas> 410757864530 (IR)Cops
02:53 <tunas> dead (ir)cops*

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14:18:55 -- │ jan6 is now known as jan6|falseprophet

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