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21:19 <kumquat> I feel like there's got to be a crazy rich person somewhere who would  be willing to let someone just lounge around and do nothing
21:19 <kumquat> and get paid for it
21:22 <cren> kumquat, is mspe rich? he might be able to pay you to do nothing all day
21:23 <kumquat> unfortunately not
21:23 <kumquat> I keep telling him to make a dumb game app that makes us billions but he's more concentrated on things that will actually be USEFUL
21:23 <kumquat> SIGH
21:23 <cren> what an awful husband
21:24 <kumquat> agreed
21:24 <@cmccabe> mspe: is secretly rich.  he is waiting for the day when kumquat has proven herself so he can reveal the full splendor of his wealth
21:25 <kumquat> if I haven't already proven myself with all the awesome stuff I've already done for him, I guess I'll never find out
21:25 <kumquat> :P
21:25 <@cmccabe> he's waiting for one more perfect sour dough batch (but sshh, i didn't tell you)
21:25 <kumquat> LOL
21:25 <kumquat> well he may be waiting a while
21:26 <kumquat> I don't know if my sourdough pizza dough turned out right
21:26 <blitzkraft> who would've thunk, sour dough brings the dough
21:26 <mspe> only then shall I reveal an old hard drive with a 1,000 BTC wallet
21:26 <blitzkraft> woah.
21:26 <kumquat> lol

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02:05 <~ahriman> fosslinux: plz console me with tales of how the Knights of Parametric Polymorphism saved the kingdom of Software Engineeria from the evil Anti-Pattern Imperial Army
02:05 <~ahriman> npa: you too
02:05 <npa> generics are sweet
02:05 <~ahriman> oh
02:05 <npa> just imagine it's copying and pasting the code but with different types
02:06 <~ahriman> nifty, but it doesn't sound like an epic folktale
02:07 <npa> the knights performed ritualistic mitosis, generating swathes of different legion calvaries
02:07 <~ahriman> oooooooo
02:08 <npa> all forming alliance to fight against skelington, the singleton anti-pattern
02:08 <~ahriman> i hate him! he's so mean
02:09 <npa> skelington's power of always having a single instance around meant traditional weapons were useless
02:09 <~ahriman> oh no!!!
02:09 <npa> it was up to the mighty end-of-program destructor to fire to quench this evil beast
02:09 <~ahriman> get 'em
02:09 <npa> 360-no scope
02:10 <~ahriman> haha

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07:42:13     arne | i have set tabbed to open new tabs at
                  | position 1
07:42:16     arne | not relative
07:42:31     ~ben | in what?
07:42:35     arne | tabbed
07:42:41 tomasino | in life
07:42:45 tomasino | all his life tabs open in position 1
07:42:48     ~ben | tabbed what
07:42:49 tomasino | ;)
07:43:14     arne | tabbed, the suckless utility to run
                  | multiple X programs in a tabbed interface
07:43:29     ~ben | ohhhh it's the name of a program
07:43:33     arne | lol

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12:23 <geoff> The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. - H.P. Lovecraft
14:25 <khuxkm|lounge> nice quote
16:10 <geoff> khuxkm|lounge: Lovecraft is pretty quotable
16:15 <khuxkm|lounge> too bad that isn't the point of this channel :P

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12:23 <@ben> TildeBot: where are you getting your information
12:23 <TildeBot> ben: Data is information, especially that stored in a computer program, and i am a human being. That should be obvious from my ability to learn.

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13:48 <ben> systemd already solves that
13:48 <khuxkm> I don't like systemd :P
13:48 <ben> oh
13:48 <ben> i see how it is
13:48 <ben> it's so nice though
13:49 <khuxkm> if it would just stick to what it's good at
13:49 <khuxkm> and not slowly eat the rest of Linux for dinner

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03:01 <~ben> which shouldn't be surprising though, cause i hadn't even heard of comptuercrfa
03:01 <~ben> jfc
03:01 <~ben> i was doing so well until i got to that last word
03:01 <~ben> computercraft

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[22:11] Rph: lol lego
[22:11] Rph: brb gonna build a real pinball machine
[22:11] G Softwares: in electron
[22:12] Rph: no
[22:12] Rph: with a few arduinos
[22:12] G Softwares: ah
[22:12] G Softwares: k
[22:12] G Softwares: and electron code

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More adventures in #tea:

kiedtl> \coffee
* barista passes kiedtl a short lukewarm hazelnut cappuccino with 1 shot of espresso!
kiedtl> fuck. wrong channel
* kiedtl has kicked kiedtl from #tea (your presence in this community is no longer desirable) 

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03:46 <murii> Remember, a few hours of trial and error can save you several minutes of looking at the README.

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20:45:15 <jan6> all hail the uwu-scorpiion
20:46:59 <brendo> no
20:47:15 <brendo>
20:47:18 <brendo> kitty on a bag
20:47:58 <jan6> micRMSoft windux when
20:48:29 <jan6> too huge image
20:48:40 <brendo> zoom out then?
20:49:07 <jan6> I mean as in it won't load within aqcceptable time
20:49:08 <jan6> you doofus
20:49:39 <jan6> it loaded the ears in like 10 sec or so
20:50:36 <brendo> well your internet is shit then
20:50:42 <hedy> mine was stuck on the head for almost 23s lol
20:50:55 <brendo> lmfao
20:51:03 <jan6> not mine
20:51:04 <jan6> lol
20:51:08 <brendo> then why can I pull the entire image down in about 15s
20:51:20 <brendo> using the exact same link
20:51:31 <jan6> because cache
20:51:38 <jan6> you rolling pin
20:54:40 <brendo> jan6: cache was cleared, still pulled in same amt of time
20:55:26 <brendo> so I say it once, I say it again: your internet is shit
20:55:40 <jan6> no u
20:55:42 <~khuxkm> no u
20:55:46 <brendo> or you've got a really unlucky route to
20:55:53 <jess> no u
20:55:56 <brendo> or your compu is weak
20:55:59 <jan6> oooor you have a way too massive image file
20:56:00 <jan6> lol
20:56:27 <jess> i have really good internet and that image loaded slow
20:56:39 <jan6> ^
20:56:40 <hedy> lol

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<acdw> i wish they'd get rid of it in the US
<tomasino> i wish they'd get rid of the US
<~ben> i wish they'd get rid of the us
<~ben> omg
<tomasino> :D
<tomasino> twinsies!
<~ben> jinx

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21:49:07 @ben    | fuck me
21:49:09 @khuxkm | yes ben   

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15:25 <epicmorphism> nice gopherhole
15:26 <~aewens> "nice gopherhole" is one of those things that is fine to say in the tech world and only in the tech world
15:26 <~tomasino> hehe
15:26 <~tomasino> i was just thinking the same thing
15:26 <threv> that's my pickup line
15:26 <cdmnky> well, furries say that all the time lol
15:26 <threv> that is no longer my pickup line

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17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> I'm starting a band called HTML Encoder
17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> Looking to buy a guitar &amp;
17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> :-D
17:44 <~ben> guitar and what? ;)
17:44 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> lol
17:44 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> best reply ever

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