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20:45:15 <jan6> all hail the uwu-scorpiion
20:46:59 <brendo> no
20:47:15 <brendo> https://ttm.sh/uiB.jpg
20:47:18 <brendo> kitty on a bag
20:47:58 <jan6> micRMSoft windux when
20:48:29 <jan6> too huge image
20:48:40 <brendo> zoom out then?
20:49:07 <jan6> I mean as in it won't load within aqcceptable time
20:49:08 <jan6> you doofus
20:49:39 <jan6> it loaded the ears in like 10 sec or so
20:50:36 <brendo> well your internet is shit then
20:50:42 <hedy> mine was stuck on the head for almost 23s lol
20:50:55 <brendo> lmfao
20:51:03 <jan6> not mine
20:51:04 <jan6> lol
20:51:08 <brendo> then why can I pull the entire image down in about 15s
20:51:20 <brendo> using the exact same link
20:51:31 <jan6> because cache
20:51:38 <jan6> you rolling pin
20:54:40 <brendo> jan6: cache was cleared, still pulled in same amt of time
20:55:26 <brendo> so I say it once, I say it again: your internet is shit
20:55:40 <jan6> no u
20:55:42 <~khuxkm> no u
20:55:46 <brendo> or you've got a really unlucky route to ttm.sh
20:55:53 <jess> no u
20:55:56 <brendo> or your compu is weak
20:55:59 <jan6> oooor you have a way too massive image file
20:56:00 <jan6> lol
20:56:27 <jess> i have really good internet and that image loaded slow
20:56:39 <jan6> ^
20:56:40 <hedy> lol

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