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20:56 <mushmouth> i also ended up getting 4 games for switch. well 3 but the 4th one i'm getting at cottage because they didn't have it at the store
20:57 <mushmouth> i'm getting doom for switch
20:57 <mushmouth> as my last game
20:57 <@ben> doom on a switch lol
20:57 <@ben> i don't have one either
20:57 <mushmouth> ben: it is actually on switch and m rated
20:57 <@ben> wewlad
20:58 <mushmouth> rock hard m rated
20:58 <mushmouth> i only get hard when a game is m rated
20:59 <@ben> lol wot

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23:16 <~ahriman> ugh my butt is sweaty
23:16 <~tomasino> dude, MY butt is sweaty
23:16 <~tomasino> twinsies!

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22:18 <@khuxkm> hey jayden
22:18 <@khuxkm> I wanna show you a magic trick
22:19 <@khuxkm> wanna see it?
22:19 < jayden> khuxkm: i have a new way to distribute malicious linux scripts for mass destruction ;)
22:19 <@khuxkm> but do you want to see my magic trick
22:19 < jayden> yeah
22:19 -!- cow2020 [] has quit [A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.]
22:19 -!- jayden [jayden@jmw2020.TILDE] has quit [The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.]
22:19 -!- jmw2020 [] has quit [The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.]
22:19 < xfnw> lol khuxkm oper abuse!
22:19 < anelki> lmfao
22:19 < hackintech> is a gline a magic trick
22:19 < hackintech> asking for a friend
22:19 < anelki> lmfaooo
22:19 <@khuxkm> no but a killall -u jmw2020 irssi is

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16:44 <khuxkm|lounge> !admin down
16:44 <sotdbot> khuxkm|lounge: You can't tell me what to do!
16:44 <khuxkm|lounge> FUCK YOU BITCH I OWN YOU
16:44 <-- sotdbot ( has quit (Connection closed)

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22:07:01 <cdmnky> I can see it right now, my mother walks in my room while doing system updates and asks "Are you hacking right now?"

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22:47 <khuxkm> ben: fix the description you zipper

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17:49 <drskrzyk> ./alias add ihadastroke say s/\(.\)\(.\)/\2\1/g
17:50 <jan6> lol
17:50 <jan6> better when you make it longer
17:50 <drskrzyk> that's what she...
17:50 <drskrzyk> *sigh* I'm out of the loop. Are "that's what she said" jokes bad now?
17:51 <jan6> drskrzyk: s/\(.\)\(.\)\(.\)\{2\}.\?/\2\3\1/g
17:51 <sedbot> <drskrzyk> sg* '*ot fto oe.Ap tetsahtwh si"aoejbd o?n
17:51 <drskrzyk> bloody hell.
17:51 <jan6> that's what she said
17:51 <drskrzyk> lga hahahaddkfhaskdgh haha
17:51 <jan6> *badum tss*

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16:46:23 ~ben │ l4p1n: finger me

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15:34 <benharri> !!tilde
15:35 <benharri> !!tilde
15:35 <tracer> BEP

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12:12  * epoch pretends to be amazon
12:29  * no1 orders a big black dildo off epoch
12:30 <no1> Hello epoch customer support, I would like to return this lightly used item
12:31  * epoch stops pretending
12:31 <epoch> ._. no more
12:31 <epoch> stahp
12:31 <epoch> I don't wanna be amazon anymore
12:31 <epoch> ,_,

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04:53 <~ben> ok i should slep
04:53 <~ben> almost 1am
04:53 <~ben> i think i need to institute a hard bedtime 
04:53 <npa> a hard bedtime
04:53 <~ahriman> haha
04:54 <~ben> yes
04:54 <~ahriman> ben likes those hard bedtimes doesn't he
04:54 <npa> it was nice to ben
04:54 <npa> a welcome appearance to the
04:54 <~ben> ;)
04:55 <~ahriman> npa spitting that tildeverse
04:55 <~ahriman> night ben
04:55 <npa> i have a neat thing to show you ben, but i'll you later
04:55 <~ahriman> he's got to crawl.tildeverse to bed
04:55 <~ben> brilliant

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10:38 <@khuxkm> what's the point of sending memos to channels
10:38 <@khuxkm> :P
10:38 <@khuxkm> also, cool
10:38 <~ben> so someone can see it once they log in
10:38 <~ben> like if they weren't connected
10:38 <~ben> thx anope
10:39 <~ben> i figured out how to get the /ns /cs /os /hs /ms aliases set up last night :)
10:39 <@khuxkm> every time someone says anope I forget, for a brief moment, that that's a services package
10:39 <~ben> ahhhh nope
10:39 <~ben> anope
10:39 <@khuxkm> and, for a brief moment, I laugh
10:39 <~ben> lmao
10:39 <~ben> 1 brief moment
10:39 <~ben> not a boxers moment

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[14:37:49] <netscape_navigator> What's your favorite game and why is it Stardew Valley?
[14:38:19] <netscape_navigator> I want to quit my day job to get more serious about my farming
[14:38:43] <jan6> make a youtube channel
[14:38:52] <jan6> make videos about stardew
[14:38:54] <jan6> boom
[14:38:56] <jan6> there you go
[14:39:00] <threv> | 'dis ya boi, netscape_navigator, comin at ya live from stardew'
[14:39:04] <threv> | 'smash that like and subscribe button'
[14:39:56] <netscape_navigator> Maybe I can be one of those masked youtubers, since I am a deprecated web
                                browser after all
[14:40:03] <netscape_navigator> maybe a CRT screen for a head or sth idk
[14:41:13] <rdh> Pass all of your dialog through the mac speak program like that kid from Blank Check
[14:41:55] <~ben> it could even be a tilderadio show
[14:42:04] <netscape_navigator> OH MAN
[14:42:36] <jan6> macspeak asmr stardew valley livestream
[14:42:44] <netscape_navigator> lol im 'sposed to be working right now
[14:42:52] <threv> | yes, working on this channel

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<kiiwiiwastaken> ls
<kiiwiiwastaken> oops
<anelki> lol
<june> kiiwiiwastaken: COPYRIGHT dev/ home/ man/ net/ root/ usr/ bin/ entropy lib/ media/ proc/ sbin/ var/ boot/ etc/ libexec/ mnt/ rescue/ tmp/

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