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22:48 <cat> lsd sounds rad

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snowdusk> one time my dad asked Siri to 'play "Thank you for the Music" by ABBA", siri replied, "you're quite welcome!"

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22:18 <@khuxkm> hey jayden
22:18 <@khuxkm> I wanna show you a magic trick
22:19 <@khuxkm> wanna see it?
22:19 < jayden> khuxkm: i have a new way to distribute malicious linux scripts for mass destruction ;)
22:19 <@khuxkm> but do you want to see my magic trick
22:19 < jayden> yeah
22:19 -!- cow2020 [] has quit [A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.]
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22:19 < xfnw> lol khuxkm oper abuse!
22:19 < anelki> lmfao
22:19 < hackintech> is a gline a magic trick
22:19 < hackintech> asking for a friend
22:19 < anelki> lmfaooo
22:19 <@khuxkm> no but a killall -u jmw2020 irssi is

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11:12:52 < death> winehq can suck my peen

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01:10 <ahriman> npa you'd be proud of me, no steven seagal in three days i think
01:12 <npa> you better have watched the festive equivalent instead - die hard
01:12 <tunas> ahriman: Is your time zone still Seagal/Steven?
01:13 <ahriman> tunas yes
01:13 <ahriman> npa i didn't but i am watching a movie with john travolta and bruce willis in it
01:14 <npa> pulp fiction?
01:14 <ahriman> former black-ops agent, retired, his wife gets killed in a stick up so he teams up with his black ops buddy and they go HAM on the local criminal org who was connected
01:14 <npa> hmm.. don't think i know this one
01:15 <ahriman> I am Wrath
01:15 <ahriman> is the name
01:16 <tunas> I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Steven, is in fact, Seagal/Steven, or as I've recently taken to calling it, Seagal plus Steven. Steven is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning Seagal system made useful by the Seagal corelibs, shell utilities and vital system
01:16 <tunas> components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
01:16 <tunas> Many computer users run a modified version of the Seagal system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of Seagal which is widely used today is often called "Steven", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the Seagal system, developed by the Seagal Project.
01:16 <ahriman> jesus fucking christ tunas

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23:56 <desvox> if i was sober i could afford things
23:56 <desvox> not worth it
23:56 <+jan6> if you were sober you could afford more booze :3
23:57 <desvox> saving up for the best relapse of my life
23:59 <kumquat> brilliant jan6
23:59 <~ben> lol qotd

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[14:37:49] <netscape_navigator> What's your favorite game and why is it Stardew Valley?
[14:38:19] <netscape_navigator> I want to quit my day job to get more serious about my farming
[14:38:43] <jan6> make a youtube channel
[14:38:52] <jan6> make videos about stardew
[14:38:54] <jan6> boom
[14:38:56] <jan6> there you go
[14:39:00] <threv> | 'dis ya boi, netscape_navigator, comin at ya live from stardew'
[14:39:04] <threv> | 'smash that like and subscribe button'
[14:39:56] <netscape_navigator> Maybe I can be one of those masked youtubers, since I am a deprecated web
                                browser after all
[14:40:03] <netscape_navigator> maybe a CRT screen for a head or sth idk
[14:41:13] <rdh> Pass all of your dialog through the mac speak program like that kid from Blank Check
[14:41:55] <~ben> it could even be a tilderadio show
[14:42:04] <netscape_navigator> OH MAN
[14:42:36] <jan6> macspeak asmr stardew valley livestream
[14:42:44] <netscape_navigator> lol im 'sposed to be working right now
[14:42:52] <threv> | yes, working on this channel

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16:44 <khuxkm|lounge> !admin down
16:44 <sotdbot> khuxkm|lounge: You can't tell me what to do!
16:44 <khuxkm|lounge> FUCK YOU BITCH I OWN YOU
16:44 <-- sotdbot ( has quit (Connection closed)

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12:01 <+aewens> Don't use nouns as your username if you don't want accidental pings.
12:02 <+aewens> There could be dozens of people who login to virtual servers, just like this one saying things people may think are a sin unless of you're a phoenix who cares not because it's a scifi creature.

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10:38 <@khuxkm> what's the point of sending memos to channels
10:38 <@khuxkm> :P
10:38 <@khuxkm> also, cool
10:38 <~ben> so someone can see it once they log in
10:38 <~ben> like if they weren't connected
10:38 <~ben> thx anope
10:39 <~ben> i figured out how to get the /ns /cs /os /hs /ms aliases set up last night :)
10:39 <@khuxkm> every time someone says anope I forget, for a brief moment, that that's a services package
10:39 <~ben> ahhhh nope
10:39 <~ben> anope
10:39 <@khuxkm> and, for a brief moment, I laugh
10:39 <~ben> lmao
10:39 <~ben> 1 brief moment
10:39 <~ben> not a boxers moment

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16:26 <brendantcc_lounge> -_-
16:27 <~ben> :x
17:25 <dokuja> :(
17:25 <aewens> :o
17:26 <~ben> :3
17:26 <aewens> :<
17:27 <~ben> :>
17:27 <dokuja> :S
17:31 <~ben> :Z
17:46 <ubergeek> /
17:47 <ubergeek> c-c-c-combo breaker!

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14:10 <josh> i read the little schemer and decided it was a shit language
14:10 <dzwdz> dude
14:10 <dozens> oh my
14:19 <josh> okay i read more about scheme it seems fine

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15:34 <benharri> !!tilde
15:35 <benharri> !!tilde
15:35 <tracer> BEP

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<kiiwiiwastaken> ls
<kiiwiiwastaken> oops
<anelki> lol
<june> kiiwiiwastaken: COPYRIGHT dev/ home/ man/ net/ root/ usr/ bin/ entropy lib/ media/ proc/ sbin/ var/ boot/ etc/ libexec/ mnt/ rescue/ tmp/

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04:53 <~ben> ok i should slep
04:53 <~ben> almost 1am
04:53 <~ben> i think i need to institute a hard bedtime 
04:53 <npa> a hard bedtime
04:53 <~ahriman> haha
04:54 <~ben> yes
04:54 <~ahriman> ben likes those hard bedtimes doesn't he
04:54 <npa> it was nice to ben
04:54 <npa> a welcome appearance to the
04:54 <~ben> ;)
04:55 <~ahriman> npa spitting that tildeverse
04:55 <~ahriman> night ben
04:55 <npa> i have a neat thing to show you ben, but i'll you later
04:55 <~ahriman> he's got to crawl.tildeverse to bed
04:55 <~ben> brilliant

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