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10:38 <@khuxkm>  what's the point of sending memos to channels
10:38 <@khuxkm>  :P
10:38 <@khuxkm>  also, cool
10:38 <~ben>  so someone can see it once they log in
10:38 <~ben>  like if they weren't connected
10:38 <~ben>  thx anope
10:39 <~ben>  i figured out how to get the /ns /cs /os /hs /ms aliases set up last night :)
10:39 <@khuxkm>  every time someone says anope I forget, for a brief moment, that that's a services package
10:39 <~ben>  ahhhh nope
10:39 <~ben>  anope
10:39 <@khuxkm>  and, for a brief moment, I laugh
10:39 <~ben>  lmao
10:39 <~ben>  1 brief moment
10:39 <~ben>  not a boxers moment

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