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13:09:26   vld | I'm so tired yet I don't sleep
13:09:32   vld | why I'm like this?
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13:27:17 kuriz | strange are the things power outages can do to a man
13:27:27 kuriz | i actually read a book
13:27:30 kuriz | have i gone mad?

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ben: no u

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[00:57:36] <npa> it sounds loose in atlanta jesus christ

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19:14 <spideria> anyway I guess the next grown up thing to do is learn to drive
19:14 <june> whoa
19:15 <june> spideria is becoming a boomer
19:15 <hackintech> lol
19:15 <spideria> maybe have a kid
19:15 <spideria> who knows
19:15 <hackintech> no you don't want that
19:15 <spideria> yeah probably not
19:15 <spideria> idk I like other people's kids
19:15 <spideria> hopefully my brother will have one soon
19:16 <spideria> he and I had a nice game of age of empires 2 the other day
19:17 <alex11> give birth to a car
19:17 <hackintech> there you go
19:17 <hackintech> big brain

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<acdw> head down, tail up, that is how i like to ducc

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20:10            * kirch has worn the letters off the following keys: aces
20:16 <~aewens>  This just in, kirch's password contains the letters "aces"
20:18 <kirch>    I can neither confirm nor deny that

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23:56 < zer0> no worries, gen zs are killing email
23:56 <@kumquat> thank goodness
23:56 < zer0> gradually, but surely
23:56 <@kumquat> i knew those kids were all right
23:57 <@june> is there anything gen z isn't killing
23:57 <@june> IS THERE ANYTHING
23:57 < terris> boomers :(

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In #tea:

alex11> i bet #coffee is full of miserable bastards
alex11> they are genetically inferior
spider> \coffee alex11
* barista hands alex11 a tall boiling hot white chocolate macchiato with 2 shots of eā€Œspresso!
spider> :P
* kiedtl has kicked spider from #tea (uh no no no no, we don't do that here)

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june | like you normally just think about IP as being 1:1 communication but then you run traceroute and it's like
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<~deepend> NormalHuman555 hasn't been online in a long time.. killed it off.. but got bored so hes back lol
<NormalHuman555> deepend: Awww geez, i'm using up the time left to think that i haven't had the strangest dream... I dreamed i killed you again.

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06:17 <hyperboredoubt> What happened?
06:17 <neniu> i blame... ben. let jan6 sleep this time

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06:18 <neniu> blaming ben leads to instant results

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12:50 <tunas> Self-driving cars are cool until you realise they stop for pedestrians and they can walk towards you, making your car reverse, so they walk you and your car back home.
12:51 <tunas> The prospect of a smug fifth-grade student just walking menacingly towards me and my car retreating in fear is... terrifying.

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11:59 <~ben> dozens of them
11:59 <~ben> heh
11:59 <~ben> sry not sry for ping
12:01 <+aewens> Don't use nouns as your username if you don't want accidental pings.
12:02 <+aewens> There could be dozens of people who login to virtual servers, just like this one saying things people may think are a sin unless of you're a phoenix who cares not because it's a scifi creature.
12:03 <~ben> oh man
12:03 <scifi> lol

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<ben> bug deepend to set it up
<deepend> whos deepend. :P 
<ben> that deepends
<ben> who's askin'

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17:20 <stompy> is it sacrilege to use trebuchet ms as your gtk/qt font in linux
17:20 <stompy> i cant help it i like the font
17:20 <~ben> probably sacrilege lol
17:20 <~ben> but i'm not judging
17:20 <stompy> what if i used internet explorer in wine
17:20 * Kneezle|shouldbeworking sobs
17:20 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> plx no

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