quote 257

<~ben> PSA hostserv has been disabled
<lauren> why?
<anton> I forgot what hostserv was for a moment
<~ben> 1) it's a pain to maintain 2) people keep requesting dumb hostnames
<lauren> heh, fair
<xfnw> aw
<kumquat> lol
<anton> what's the dumbest hostname you've seen so far
<~ben> i don't remember
<julian> art.local?
<xfnw> was it richard.stallmans.toe.cheese?
<aravk> wtf
<anton> gross
<anton> aravk: you should replace nyku's ignore with an xfnw ignore :p
<xfnw> lol antons ignore evading?
<aravk> xfnw doesn't troll though, they shitpost
<aravk> I don't mind that
<aravk> everyone shitposts
<aravk> I mind trolls

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