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10:26:27 <Kneezle|Web> Can you imagine? I would have had to spend this 40-minute walk actually enjoying the sun. Instead of hanging out with you people
10:26:41 <Kneezle|Web> That wasn't even sarcastic, I'm not a big fan of the outdoors.
10:26:41 <~ahriman> haha
10:26:46 <~ahriman> the horror!
10:27:14 <Kneezle|Web> I realized, that I was spending too much time indoors, when at one point my tired instinct was to look for a dimmer switch to turn the sun down
10:27:29 <Kneezle|Web> Needless to say I didn't find one
10:28:05 <~ahriman> hahaha!
10:29:21 <Kneezle|Web> At least to my credit, I didn't try to turn the sun off
10:29:27 <Kneezle|Web> I knew I couldn't do that for some reason
10:29:42 <Kneezle|Web> But when you're grasping around the air for a dimmer switch, you need to rethink your life
10:29:54 <~ahriman> i've actually done that before
10:30:09 <Kneezle|Web> Lol you too??
10:30:17 <Kneezle|Web> I thought that was something unique to my stupidity

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<robdrake> jan6 do you just like to argue?
<Kneezle>  yes, he does
<Kneezle>  he's also frequently right
<Kneezle>  but he has infinitely more patience to argue than i do.
<jan6>     ^_^

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23:19 <~ben> compile those fonts
23:20 <praetor> hehe
23:22 <fosslinux> Run gentoo
23:22 <fosslinux> "must compile kernel"
23:22 <fosslinux> Run lfs
23:23 <fosslinux> "cannot compile kernel"
23:23 <fosslinux> Gains depression
23:23 <praetor> awww
23:24 <jchelpau> compiling a kernel is easy though
23:24 <~aewens> Unless if you overcome that depression and build your compiler, then you attain enlightenment.
23:24 <jchelpau> yes, lock yourself in a room with SICP and bootstrap your way out of depression

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23:55 <~ben> i'm so lazy i still use gnome
23:55 <stompy> gross
23:55 <stompy> youre cool and all but you gotta do something about your gnome usage
23:55 <stompy> that aint healthy
23:55 <~deepend> gnome is horrible.
23:56 <stompy> yeah
23:56 <stompy> id rather use windows than gnome tbh
23:56 <~ben> wow really feelin' the love over here
23:56 <stompy> lmao

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02:46:07           Naglfar | theres too many ben...
02:46:13               <-- | ben|team (ben@tilde.team) has quit (quit: WeeChat 2.3)
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02:46:27               <-- | ben|your (ben@localhost) has quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.3)
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02:46:53              ~ben | lol yes
02:47:00           Naglfar | awesome
02:47:13              ~ben | no reason lol

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01:25 <~ahriman> how old are you login
01:36 <login> How old is an Australian university professor who's double-timing for the CIA, doing espionage work on the duterte regime, in cooperation with the australian intelligence community, who speaks tagalog?

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23:19:10     tomasino | i'm back home
23:19:12     tomasino | pants are gone
23:19:18     tomasino | ready for some me time
23:19:23     tomasino | i'm thinking shadow tactics 

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13:57 <+jan6> mv handyc Gliese 581c
13:57 <~aewens|team> chmod 000 jan6
13:57 <handyc> move me to vega, then I can be a real vegan
13:57 <~aewens|team> chown handyc:handyc jan6
13:58 <handyc> handyc and jan6 star in "Just Chowning Around"

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17:49 <Kneezle> there we go
17:49 <Kneezle> there we go
17:49 <+jan6> weasel
17:49 <+jan6> with knees
17:49 <+jan6> kneasle
17:49 <+jan6> with wheeze
17:49 <Kneezle> lol yes
17:50 <+jan6> kneezle, a wheezing weasel with knees
17:50 <stompy> hmmm
17:50 <~ben> wheezy knees
17:50 <+jan6> !toot kneezle, a wheezing weasel with knees

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17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> I'm starting a band called HTML Encoder
17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> Looking to buy a guitar &amp;
17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> :-D
17:44 <~ben> guitar and what? ;)
17:44 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> lol
17:44 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> best reply ever

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