quote 220

17:49 <drskrzyk> ./alias add ihadastroke say s/\(.\)\(.\)/\2\1/g
17:50 <jan6> lol
17:50 <jan6> better when you make it longer
17:50 <drskrzyk> that's what she...
17:50 <drskrzyk> *sigh* I'm out of the loop. Are "that's what she said" jokes bad now?
17:51 <jan6> drskrzyk: s/\(.\)\(.\)\(.\)\{2\}.\?/\2\3\1/g
17:51 <sedbot> <drskrzyk> sg* '*ot fto oe.Ap tetsahtwh si"aoejbd o?n
17:51 <drskrzyk> bloody hell.
17:51 <jan6> that's what she said
17:51 <drskrzyk> lga hahahaddkfhaskdgh haha
17:51 <jan6> *badum tss*

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