~chat irc quote database

this is an irc quote database, in the style of bash.org, that aims to catalog moments on tilde.chat.

<&login> but you must cut off your genitals and give them to me

248: score: 133 /

<acdw> my name is what
<acdw> my name is who
<acdw> my name is
<alex> chika chika
<lauren> slim shady

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<&login> the smart don't have it any better than the unsmart

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2020-11-15 00:11:03  <anelki> when we started to gather this morning and the magafucks were showing up, this kid looked at me and the person next to me an asked why we were dressed like cops. parent: "they're not dressed like cops, they're dressed like antifa." person next to me: "...supersoldiers!"

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<thefunkyspaw> shreyas: The world makes a lot more sense when you realize most people want to slack off

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19:14 <spideria> anyway I guess the next grown up thing to do is learn to drive
19:14 <june> whoa
19:15 <june> spideria is becoming a boomer
19:15 <hackintech> lol
19:15 <spideria> maybe have a kid
19:15 <spideria> who knows
19:15 <hackintech> no you don't want that
19:15 <spideria> yeah probably not
19:15 <spideria> idk I like other people's kids
19:15 <spideria> hopefully my brother will have one soon
19:16 <spideria> he and I had a nice game of age of empires 2 the other day
19:17 <alex11> give birth to a car
19:17 <hackintech> there you go
19:17 <hackintech> big brain

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<cren> i am the keeper of the qdb now, effectively. all the quotes from the last couple of weeks were uploaded by me i think

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21:19 <kumquat> I feel like there's got to be a crazy rich person somewhere who would  be willing to let someone just lounge around and do nothing
21:19 <kumquat> and get paid for it
21:22 <cren> kumquat, is mspe rich? he might be able to pay you to do nothing all day
21:23 <kumquat> unfortunately not
21:23 <kumquat> I keep telling him to make a dumb game app that makes us billions but he's more concentrated on things that will actually be USEFUL
21:23 <kumquat> SIGH
21:23 <cren> what an awful husband
21:24 <kumquat> agreed
21:24 <@cmccabe> mspe: is secretly rich.  he is waiting for the day when kumquat has proven herself so he can reveal the full splendor of his wealth
21:25 <kumquat> if I haven't already proven myself with all the awesome stuff I've already done for him, I guess I'll never find out
21:25 <kumquat> :P
21:25 <@cmccabe> he's waiting for one more perfect sour dough batch (but sshh, i didn't tell you)
21:25 <kumquat> LOL
21:25 <kumquat> well he may be waiting a while
21:26 <kumquat> I don't know if my sourdough pizza dough turned out right
21:26 <blitzkraft> who would've thunk, sour dough brings the dough
21:26 <mspe> only then shall I reveal an old hard drive with a 1,000 BTC wallet
21:26 <blitzkraft> woah.
21:26 <kumquat> lol

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<kcubeterm> If anyone wanna join on telegram, you can join @tildeteam for discussion
<Dr-WaSabi> can't say I even know what telgram [sic] is?
<kcubeterm> wow, man. i hope you are either american or from mars
<Dr-WaSabi> mars
<entoreor> uhhhh

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<acdw> i wish they'd get rid of it in the US
<tomasino> i wish they'd get rid of the US
<~ben> i wish they'd get rid of the us
<~ben> omg
<tomasino> :D
<tomasino> twinsies!
<~ben> jinx

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<acdw> ,time kumquat
<tildebot> [Time] Time for kumquat: 2020-11-02 21:53:02 UTC+1
<acdw> quick! you only have 7 minutes!!!!
<crr> until...?
<acdw> it's 8

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20:44 < jmw2020> ,qadd khuxkm=I kissed my friend xfnw
20:44 < tildebot> [Quotes] Quote added
20:44 < jmw2020> khuxkm lmao
20:44 < jmw2020> your secrets are LEAKEDDD
20:44 < jmw2020> everyone knows ur secret now
20:45 < jmw2020> ,q khuxkm 
20:45 < tildebot> [Quotes] khuxkm|lounge: <khuxkm> no u
20:45 < jmw2020> ...
20:45 < jmw2020> tildebot not the right time

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22:18 <@khuxkm> hey jayden
22:18 <@khuxkm> I wanna show you a magic trick
22:19 <@khuxkm> wanna see it?
22:19 < jayden> khuxkm: i have a new way to distribute malicious linux scripts for mass destruction ;)
22:19 <@khuxkm> but do you want to see my magic trick
22:19 < jayden> yeah
22:19 -!- cow2020 [jmw2020@tilde.team] has quit [A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.]
22:19 -!- jayden [jayden@jmw2020.TILDE] has quit [The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.]
22:19 -!- jmw2020 [jmw2020@tilde.team] has quit [The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.]
22:19 < xfnw> lol khuxkm oper abuse!
22:19 < anelki> lmfao
22:19 < hackintech> is a gline a magic trick
22:19 < hackintech> asking for a friend
22:19 < anelki> lmfaooo
22:19 <@khuxkm> no but a killall -u jmw2020 irssi is

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justus> Me and all my homeschooled friends in Wisconsin definitely listened to all this stuff ;)
justus> *All my homeschooled friends and I
justus> Thanks homeschooling

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<acdw> head down, tail up, that is how i like to ducc

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