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01:18 <npa> a moose once bit my sister
01:19 <~ahriman> what the hell did she do to the moose
01:19 <npa> No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian møvies: "The Høt Hands of an Oslo Dentist", "Fillings of Passion", "The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink"
01:20 <~ahriman> oh dear

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12:12  * epoch pretends to be amazon
12:29  * no1 orders a big black dildo off epoch
12:30 <no1> Hello epoch customer support, I would like to return this lightly used item
12:31  * epoch stops pretending
12:31 <epoch> ._. no more
12:31 <epoch> stahp
12:31 <epoch> I don't wanna be amazon anymore
12:31 <epoch> ,_,

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<tomasino> yay gopher!
<ahriman> yay
<tomasino> yay australia!
<ahriman> koalas n shit!
 * cat cracks a tinnie

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15:01  * Kneezle|Web nods
16:38  * tomasino nods as well
16:44  * kirch looks @ Kneezle|Web & tomasino and nods at each in turn
16:46  * codingquark nods
16:47  * Kneezle|Web kirch-es
16:47  * Kneezle|Web tomasinos all over the room
21:20 <@fosslinux> owo

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21:48 <cmccabe> pm me your swear word

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17:20 <cat> as a cat i am very interested in yarn package
17:21  * jan6 pats the cat
17:23 <jchelpau> are you really a cat
17:23 <~ben> cat is either a feline housepet or a linux command for concatenating files
17:23 <~ben> still haven't really figured that one out
17:24 <handyc> why not both
17:24 <~tomasino> that's right ben, cat is a perfect combination of two elemental opposing forces
17:25 <handyc> cat cat.txt | grep cat
17:25 <~tomasino> cats, the avatar of death and destruction, and cat, the quintessential tool for joining all things (since in UNIX, all things are files)
17:25 <~tomasino> destruction and creation
17:25 <~tomasino> cat, at his core

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23:37 <~tomasino> trains are pretty cool
23:38 <~tomasino> that opinion may be biased by a love of old detective novels which inevitably feature cool train scenes
23:38 <jan6> lol
23:38 <~tomasino> ooh, space mystery!
23:38  * tomasino adds to his todo list

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Q:        What's tiny and yellow and very, very, dangerous?
A:        A canary with the super-user password.
Extreme fear can neither fight nor fly.
        -- William Shakespeare, "The Rape of Lucrece"

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21:54 <cat>  don't forget to save regularly dudes
21:55 <cat>  a friendly PSA from ya local IT teacher
21:55 <brendantcc|web>  lol
21:55 <brendantcc|web>  let me guess - you screwed up and closed a project you spent the last 6 hours or so?
21:56 <cat>  no, because i save regularly
21:56 <brendantcc|web>  lol right okay
21:56 <slipyx>  also *commit early and often*
21:56 <brendantcc|web>  lmaooo
21:56 <cat>  my students however did not and are gonna fail the class
21:57 <~ahriman>  oof
21:57 <khuxkm|lounge>  massive oof

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12:50 <tunas> Self-driving cars are cool until you realise they stop for pedestrians and they can walk towards you, making your car reverse, so they walk you and your car back home.
12:51 <tunas> The prospect of a smug fifth-grade student just walking menacingly towards me and my car retreating in fear is... terrifying.

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