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05:44 <SinaCutie> Yes, I put your temp password as 'honk my butt please'
05:44 <SinaCutie> omg. This is the wrong tty
05:44 <SinaCutie> Time to uh, go make that coffee

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13:22 <kirch> the great thing about having kids is that I tell my parents what lego sets "my kids" want for their birthday, then I get to build them :3

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11:16 <rain1> 16hi
11:16 <~ben> henlo rain1
11:17 <~ben> what happened to rain0
11:17 <~ben> or just rain
11:17 <jesopo> this rain is lua
11:17 <jesopo> 1 indexed

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18:45 <~ben> ahriman is good people
18:45 <~fosslinux> I haven't seen him for a while
18:45 <~ahriman> <3

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[10:26:12]              * | kirch loves that the US Gov't sues objects it's confiscated from people
[10:26:25] <       threv> | asset forfeiture++
[10:26:25] < BitBot> [Karma] asset forfeiture now has 1 karma

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<threv> Oh my god yeah firefox is insane
<threv> The binaries are built on farms iirc
* │ kirch imagines cows, sheep, and ducks - all working feverishly to compile firefox

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06:17 <hyperboredoubt> What happened?
06:17 <neniu> i blame... ben. let jan6 sleep this time

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06:18 <neniu> blaming ben leads to instant results

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[17:18:56] < woestijnvis> God is dead.
[17:19:12] < woestijnvis> Oh my admin is more fitting.
[17:19:19] < no1> we create god collectively
[17:19:19] < woestijnvis> Oh my bofh?
[17:19:46] < woestijnvis> no1: Yes, let's stop with that

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22:00 <jan6> ^
22:00 <woestijnvis> ^
22:00 <woestijnvis> That
22:00 <jan6> ^
22:00 <jan6> what he said
22:00 <woestijnvis> And that ^
22:00 <jan6> ^also that
22:00 <woestijnvis> What jan6 said
22:00 <jan6> ^exactly

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20:26 <~tomasino> guys! crazy news. Apparently this dude on the internet haxxor'd my interwebz and has video of me masturbating to illegal porn! OHNOES! I guess I better pay him all my moneys to stay quiet.
20:27 <~tomasino> jokes on him... i ONLY masturbate to spam emails

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