~chat irc quote database

this is an irc quote database, in the style of bash.org, that aims to catalog moments on tilde.chat.

and now for a more serious quote:

"anything that gets repeated enough that [brendo] wants to alias is being over used"


263: score: -1 /

<+alex11> had to turn it off during ludacris
<+alex11> but yeah
<+alex11> controlfreak++
<+controlfreak> cant bealieve butsruff went quiet
<+controlfreak> i thought that was right in the sweet spot on the inanity meter
<gbmor> alex11: oh so when the luda came on you had to ... Roll Out?
<gbmor> (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
<+alex11> FUCK you
<gbmor> (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
<+alex11> my week is ruined

262: score: -31 /

<rawktucc> wheel is in my usr bin
<rawktucc> but pip doesnt have it?
<rawktucc> pacman doesnt have it?
<brendo> WHERE DID IT GO

261: score: 0 /

<rawktucc> no retirement fund plan lol
<rawktucc> becuase i doubt it matters in 15 years
<rawktucc> because
<rawktucc> fuck this phone kyneeboard
<alex11> kyneeboard
<rawktucc> keybiard w
<demure> sounds like an ergonomic phone kyneeboard
<rawktucc> KRYBOARD
<rawktucc> aaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHH

260: score: 14 /

kieran: "how does one put a quote on the db?"
brendo: "it's quite easy" *shows him how"
casper cat: ***prolonged meow***

(so now you know how to put a fucking quote up, happy now kieran!?)

259: score: -20 /

meanwhile in #tilderadio...
04:37 *brendo half-jokingly makes the bold statement that the person who called themselves "Short Answer" when requesting a song is actually cat*
04:38 <cat> my name is cat not Short Answewr
04:38 <+brendo> well you're Short Answer now cat
04:38 <cat> i've got ya short answer right here brendo; k
04:39 <+brendo> oh you want some fuckin' short answer c**t
04:39 * brendo squares up
04:39 <cat> i dunno how you're gonna beat one letter but let's see it
04:39 <+brendo>  
04:39 <+brendo> that
04:39 <cat> THE MADMAN
04:39 <+brendo> that is how i beat your short answer

258: score: -15 /

<~ben> PSA hostserv has been disabled
<lauren> why?
<anton> I forgot what hostserv was for a moment
<~ben> 1) it's a pain to maintain 2) people keep requesting dumb hostnames
<lauren> heh, fair
<xfnw> aw
<kumquat> lol
<anton> what's the dumbest hostname you've seen so far
<~ben> i don't remember
<julian> art.local?
<xfnw> was it richard.stallmans.toe.cheese?
<aravk> wtf
<anton> gross
<anton> aravk: you should replace nyku's ignore with an xfnw ignore :p
<xfnw> lol antons ignore evading?
<aravk> xfnw doesn't troll though, they shitpost
<aravk> I don't mind that
<aravk> everyone shitposts
<aravk> I mind trolls

257: score: 36 /

meanwhile in #meta:
<brendo> you can bet your ass that if I could set a custom tone, it'd be the Mii channel music
<brendo> or a custom variant of the Aussie ringback tone: AAA- AAA-
<palm93> Screaming?
<palm93> Makes sense. I'd scream if I was in Australia too

256: score: 31 /

More adventures in #tea:

kiedtl> \coffee
* barista passes kiedtl a short lukewarm hazelnut cappuccino with 1 shot of espresso!
kiedtl> fuck. wrong channel
* kiedtl has kicked kiedtl from #tea (your presence in this community is no longer desirable) 

255: score: 46 /

In #tea:

alex11> i bet #coffee is full of miserable bastards
alex11> they are genetically inferior
spider> \coffee alex11
* barista hands alex11 a tall boiling hot white chocolate macchiato with 2 shots of e‌spresso!
spider> :P
* kiedtl has kicked spider from #tea (uh no no no no, we don't do that here)

254: score: 25 /

<june> what does nuclear reactor even smell like
<june> I have no reference for this
<~gbmor> nuclear reactors smell like moose taint, according to wikipedia
<june> WTH

251: score: -27 /

<kiiwiiwastaken> ls
<kiiwiiwastaken> oops
<anelki> lol
<june> kiiwiiwastaken: COPYRIGHT dev/ home/ man/ net/ root/ usr/ bin/ entropy lib/ media/ proc/ sbin/ var/ boot/ etc/ libexec/ mnt/ rescue/ tmp/

250: score: -85 /

──> suttbolehurfer (~suttbolehu@[redacted]) has joined #adventofcode
<gbmor> they were all in love with dying, they were drinking from a fountain that was pouring like an avalanche coming down a mountain
<── suttbolehurfer (~suttbolehu@[redacted]) has quit (Connection closed)

249: score: -5 /

<&login> but you must cut off your genitals and give them to me

248: score: 128 /

<acdw> my name is what
<acdw> my name is who
<acdw> my name is
<alex> chika chika
<lauren> slim shady

247: score: -15 /