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this is an irc quote database, in the style of bash.org, that aims to catalog moments on tilde.chat.

19:14 <spideria> anyway I guess the next grown up thing to do is learn to drive
19:14 <june> whoa
19:15 <june> spideria is becoming a boomer
19:15 <hackintech> lol
19:15 <spideria> maybe have a kid
19:15 <spideria> who knows
19:15 <hackintech> no you don't want that
19:15 <spideria> yeah probably not
19:15 <spideria> idk I like other people's kids
19:15 <spideria> hopefully my brother will have one soon
19:16 <spideria> he and I had a nice game of age of empires 2 the other day
19:17 <alex11> give birth to a car
19:17 <hackintech> there you go
19:17 <hackintech> big brain

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<cren> i am the keeper of the qdb now, effectively. all the quotes from the last couple of weeks were uploaded by me i think

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21:19 <kumquat> I feel like there's got to be a crazy rich person somewhere who would  be willing to let someone just lounge around and do nothing
21:19 <kumquat> and get paid for it
21:22 <cren> kumquat, is mspe rich? he might be able to pay you to do nothing all day
21:23 <kumquat> unfortunately not
21:23 <kumquat> I keep telling him to make a dumb game app that makes us billions but he's more concentrated on things that will actually be USEFUL
21:23 <kumquat> SIGH
21:23 <cren> what an awful husband
21:24 <kumquat> agreed
21:24 <@cmccabe> mspe: is secretly rich.  he is waiting for the day when kumquat has proven herself so he can reveal the full splendor of his wealth
21:25 <kumquat> if I haven't already proven myself with all the awesome stuff I've already done for him, I guess I'll never find out
21:25 <kumquat> :P
21:25 <@cmccabe> he's waiting for one more perfect sour dough batch (but sshh, i didn't tell you)
21:25 <kumquat> LOL
21:25 <kumquat> well he may be waiting a while
21:26 <kumquat> I don't know if my sourdough pizza dough turned out right
21:26 <blitzkraft> who would've thunk, sour dough brings the dough
21:26 <mspe> only then shall I reveal an old hard drive with a 1,000 BTC wallet
21:26 <blitzkraft> woah.
21:26 <kumquat> lol

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<kcubeterm> If anyone wanna join on telegram, you can join @tildeteam for discussion
<Dr-WaSabi> can't say I even know what telgram [sic] is?
<kcubeterm> wow, man. i hope you are either american or from mars
<Dr-WaSabi> mars
<entoreor> uhhhh

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<acdw> i wish they'd get rid of it in the US
<tomasino> i wish they'd get rid of the US
<~ben> i wish they'd get rid of the us
<~ben> omg
<tomasino> :D
<tomasino> twinsies!
<~ben> jinx

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<acdw> ,time kumquat
<tildebot> [Time] Time for kumquat: 2020-11-02 21:53:02 UTC+1
<acdw> quick! you only have 7 minutes!!!!
<crr> until...?
<acdw> it's 8

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20:44 < jmw2020> ,qadd khuxkm=I kissed my friend xfnw
20:44 < tildebot> [Quotes] Quote added
20:44 < jmw2020> khuxkm lmao
20:44 < jmw2020> your secrets are LEAKEDDD
20:44 < jmw2020> everyone knows ur secret now
20:45 < jmw2020> ,q khuxkm 
20:45 < tildebot> [Quotes] khuxkm|lounge: <khuxkm> no u
20:45 < jmw2020> ...
20:45 < jmw2020> tildebot not the right time

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22:18 <@khuxkm> hey jayden
22:18 <@khuxkm> I wanna show you a magic trick
22:19 <@khuxkm> wanna see it?
22:19 < jayden> khuxkm: i have a new way to distribute malicious linux scripts for mass destruction ;)
22:19 <@khuxkm> but do you want to see my magic trick
22:19 < jayden> yeah
22:19 -!- cow2020 [jmw2020@tilde.team] has quit [A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.]
22:19 -!- jayden [jayden@jmw2020.TILDE] has quit [The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.]
22:19 -!- jmw2020 [jmw2020@tilde.team] has quit [The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.]
22:19 < xfnw> lol khuxkm oper abuse!
22:19 < anelki> lmfao
22:19 < hackintech> is a gline a magic trick
22:19 < hackintech> asking for a friend
22:19 < anelki> lmfaooo
22:19 <@khuxkm> no but a killall -u jmw2020 irssi is

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justus> Me and all my homeschooled friends in Wisconsin definitely listened to all this stuff ;)
justus> *All my homeschooled friends and I
justus> Thanks homeschooling

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<acdw> head down, tail up, that is how i like to ducc

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snowdusk> one time my dad asked Siri to 'play "Thank you for the Music" by ABBA", siri replied, "you're quite welcome!"

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20:29 <~gbmor> if water that touches holy water becomes holy water by association, and you pour holy water into the atlantic, have you just blessed the rains down in Africa?

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20:27 < neko> hello am back
20:27 < anton> hello
20:27 < anton> am anton
20:29 < xfnw> anton are you sure you are anton???
20:29 < anton> I lied
20:29 < anton> I'm kylie
20:29 < xfnw> :o anton is not anton from antonmcclure.com
20:30 < anton> antonmcclure.com isn't real, it never existed
20:33 < kylie> i'm anton
20:33 < anton> from antonmcclure.com
20:33 <~khuxkm> this whole time you two just pretended to be each other and nobody had a clue :V
20:33 < june> I don't like this
20:33 < june> I like when kylie is kylie and anton is anton 
20:33 < anton> it makes sense now
20:34 -!- kylie is now known as antonmcclure
20:34 < antonmcclure> hey i'm anton
20:34 < anton> the McCl from McClure is actually a Kylie McClain reference
20:34 < xfnw> hi antonmcclure 
20:34 < june> dislike
20:34 < anton> hi antonmcclure 
20:34 -!- anton is now known as kylie
20:34 < antonmcclure> hi kylie
20:34 < kylie> kylie
20:34 < antonmcclure> kylie
20:34 < xfnw> kylie
20:34 < kylie> /msg nickserv group
20:34 < kylie> oops
20:34 < xfnw> lol
20:34 <~khuxkm> a spot on kylie impression
20:34 < antonmcclure> lol
20:35 -!- acdw [~acdw@2600:8807:282:6c00:eab1:fcff:fedc:d728] has joined #meta
20:35 < neko> weechat does the exact same disconnecting thing now but for a completely different error
20:35  * xfnw loafs acdw
20:35 < antonmcclure> okay i wanna go back to being kylie lol
20:35 <~khuxkm> loaf
20:35 < antonmcclure> i like being kylie
20:35 -!- kylie is now known as anton
20:35  * acdw is confused
20:35 -!- antonmcclure is now known as kylie
20:35 < acdw> ehllo everyone
20:35  * anton liked being kylie

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16:43  * kumquat eats a slice
16:43 < kylie> her true form
16:43 < hackintech> it is yes kumquat 
16:43 < hackintech> they is real
16:44 < kumquat> oh no I have no more left leg
16:44 < kumquat> worth it
16:44 <~khuxkm> your leg
16:44 <~khuxkm> it ends
16:44 < kumquat> hmmm
16:44  * anton consume the rest of the pumpkin pie
16:44 < kumquat> I want it
16:44 < kumquat> oh no
16:44  * brendo tries to remember how much money he has cause be can't be fucked getting out of bed to check his wallet
16:44 < kumquat> I regret everything
16:44 < anton> (echoing while growing bigger) y u m
16:45  * anton vaporises
16:45  * brendo inhales anton and kumquat at the same time
16:46 < anton> rip your lungs
16:46  * brendo burp
16:46 < wgreenhouse> oh no #vore has raided #meta
16:46 <~khuxkm> ^
16:46 <~khuxkm> my thoughts exactly
16:46 < wgreenhouse> this is truly the worst timeline

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<khuxkm> just... u n s c r e w   p e n i s
<neko> you say that as if you can already unscrew your dick and your body adapting to that change is the problem
<khuxkm> you say that as if that isn't correct
<khuxkm> (/s)

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