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<amcclure> rip band
<june> what's the band called?
<gbmor> everybody run
<june> from what
* amcclure runs
<june> FROM WHAT

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09:54  * jesopo chews on broccoli
09:54  * lickthecheese eats asian food with asian vegtable
09:55  * jesopo eats lickthecheese

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14:22 <lickthecheese> killall -u root -9
14:22 <lickthecheese> thats how i exit vim

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06:05 < ynx> robdrake: is tornado alley exciting to live in?
06:12 < LordRyan> ,w
06:12 < BitBot> [Weather|LordRyan] (Wichita, Kansas, USA) 9C/48F | Clear Sky | Humidity: 55% | Wind: 20.5KMh/12.8MPh
06:12 < LordRyan> think that qualifies as being in tornado alley
06:12 < LordRyan> I've only ever once been concerned over a tornado
06:12 < LordRyan> It's not much worse than being on the east coast and having hurricanes, or being on the west coast and tsunamis, they're a 
                  potential thing that can happen but you're typically prepared.
06:14 < ynx> that's comforting
06:15 < LordRyan> It's actually one of the few natural disasters you can just go underground and wait it out.
06:16 < LordRyan> What're you gonna do in a hurricane or tsunami flood? Earthquake that ruins your basement's foundations? Can't just go in a bunker.
06:25 < ynx> that's true
06:26 < ynx> i guess if you had a boat, a flood wouldn't be bad
06:27 < LordRyan> they wrote a book about that
06:27 < LordRyan> called it the bible
06:27 < LordRyan> bunch of other filler tho
06:50 < ynx> Hah
06:51 < ynx> 300 cubits
06:58 < epoch> cubitcraft
06:58 < epoch> voxels that are a cubic cubit

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14:13 < ntk> hi
14:13 < ntk> are you like one of those gen z's who goes to groceries and contaminates dairy products and posts it to tik-tok?

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[BitBot │ [Markov] windows was that ubuntu version named after that mentally handicapped bulldog university mascott

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14:46 <~ben> i haven't had soup in a long time
15:07 <jesopo> why nor
15:07 <jesopo> not
15:15 <younix> sometimes life just gets in the way
15:15 <younix> it's hard to make time for soup in the hustle bustle of the hectic modern world
15:16 <younix> we can't always get the soup we need, even though we know it's important

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<ben> bug deepend to set it up
<deepend> whos deepend. :P 
<ben> that deepends
<ben> who's askin'

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12:31 --> pizza [pizza] (Unknown) (pizza@tilde.club) has joined #club
12:32 <pizza> so how could i make a tilde server?
12:33 <tomasino> step 1...
12:33 <tomasino> cut a hole in a box
12:35 <pizza> ah yes what is the next step?
12:40 <tomasino> you're gonna wanna put yo junk IN that box
12:40  * tomasino sings it
12:40 <tomasino> and that's basically how you tilde
12:41 <tomasino> except the box is a vm somewhere, or a raspberry pi, and the junk is a bunch of shell utils, web server with userdirs, and you cut a hole in it by giving out ssh access
12:41 <tomasino> Thanks for coming to my TED talk
12:41  * bradley claps

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10:23 <tomasino> the logic of the lucky is seldom sane

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