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meanwhile in #tilderadio...
04:37 *brendo half-jokingly makes the bold statement that the person who called themselves "Short Answer" when requesting a song is actually cat*
04:38 <cat> my name is cat not Short Answewr
04:38 <+brendo> well you're Short Answer now cat
04:38 <cat> i've got ya short answer right here brendo; k
04:39 <+brendo> oh you want some fuckin' short answer c**t
04:39 * brendo squares up
04:39 <cat> i dunno how you're gonna beat one letter but let's see it
04:39 <+brendo>  
04:39 <+brendo> that
04:39 <cat> THE MADMAN
04:39 <+brendo> that is how i beat your short answer

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