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13:18 <zyeri> did someone mention arch? 'cause I also use arch, btw
13:18 <zyeri> also btw I use arch
13:18 <ubergeek> Oh, you use arch?  I use arch as well!
13:18 <zyeri> excellent! Another arch user who uses arch, like myself!

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23:46 <~ben> 23:45 <-- brendantcc_lounge (brendantcc@tilde.team) has quit (RecvQ exceeded)
23:46 <brendantcc_lounge> FUCK
23:46 <slipyx> when u spam so much even the irc protocl isnt amused

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23:56 <desvox> if i was sober i could afford things
23:56 <desvox> not worth it
23:56 <+jan6> if you were sober you could afford more booze :3
23:57 <desvox> saving up for the best relapse of my life
23:59 <kumquat> brilliant jan6
23:59 <~ben> lol qotd

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14:09 <~ben> i love my x1 carbon
14:10 <mushmouth> nice ben
14:10 <mushmouth> do you have a t420?

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22:51 <slipyx> ;eval True
22:51 <dustbot> > True
22:51 <slipyx> began writing this when i thought evaluating python and erotic novel quotes were all a bot was need for
22:52 <slipyx> wasnt expecting to evolve it

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22:50 <ben>  can i spotify even if i don't have an acconut?
22:50 <ben>  a coconut
22:50 <ben>  an account

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22:44 <tildebridge>  <arne> guys this is me irl i just took a photoshoot
22:44 <tildebridge>  <arne> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/387272314863091713/480205400226922518/onion.png
22:45 <~ben>  noice
22:45 <tildebridge>  <virtual> arne * 7
22:45 <tildebridge>  <khuxkm> times 6
22:46 <tildebridge>  <khuxkm> you zipper
22:46 <tildebridge>  <virtual> i cant count
22:46 <tildebridge>  <virtual> lol

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11:38 <@virtual>  ex em pee pee
11:38 <~ben>  pepe
11:38 <~ben>  peepee
11:38 <@virtual>  haha

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03:01 <~ben>  which shouldn't be surprising though, cause i hadn't even heard of comptuercrfa
03:01 <~ben>  jfc
03:01 <~ben>  i was doing so well until i got to that last word
03:01 <~ben> computercraft

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07:42:13      arne | i have set tabbed to open new tabs at
                   | position 1
07:42:16      arne | not relative
07:42:31      ~ben | in what?
07:42:35      arne | tabbed
07:42:41  tomasino | in life
07:42:45  tomasino | all his life tabs open in position 1
07:42:48      ~ben | tabbed what
07:42:49  tomasino | ;)
07:43:14      arne | tabbed, the suckless utility to run
                   | multiple X programs in a tabbed interface
07:43:29      ~ben | ohhhh it's the name of a program
07:43:33      arne | lol

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