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17:20 <cat> as a cat i am very interested in yarn package
17:21 * jan6 pats the cat
17:23 <jchelpau> are you really a cat
17:23 <~ben> cat is either a feline housepet or a linux command for concatenating files
17:23 <~ben> still haven't really figured that one out
17:24 <handyc> why not both
17:24 <~tomasino> that's right ben, cat is a perfect combination of two elemental opposing forces
17:25 <handyc> cat cat.txt | grep cat
17:25 <~tomasino> cats, the avatar of death and destruction, and cat, the quintessential tool for joining all things (since in UNIX, all things are files)
17:25 <~tomasino> destruction and creation
17:25 <~tomasino> cat, at his core

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23:37 <~tomasino> trains are pretty cool
23:38 <~tomasino> that opinion may be biased by a love of old detective novels which inevitably feature cool train scenes
23:38 <jan6> lol
23:38 <~tomasino> ooh, space mystery!
23:38 * tomasino adds to his todo list

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Q:        What's tiny and yellow and very, very, dangerous?
A:        A canary with the super-user password.
Extreme fear can neither fight nor fly.
        -- William Shakespeare, "The Rape of Lucrece"

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21:54 <cat>  don't forget to save regularly dudes
21:55 <cat>  a friendly PSA from ya local IT teacher
21:55 <brendantcc|web>  lol
21:55 <brendantcc|web>  let me guess - you screwed up and closed a project you spent the last 6 hours or so?
21:56 <cat>  no, because i save regularly
21:56 <brendantcc|web>  lol right okay
21:56 <slipyx>  also *commit early and often*
21:56 <brendantcc|web>  lmaooo
21:56 <cat>  my students however did not and are gonna fail the class
21:57 <~ahriman>  oof
21:57 <khuxkm|lounge>  massive oof

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12:50 <tunas> Self-driving cars are cool until you realise they stop for pedestrians and they can walk towards you, making your car reverse, so they walk you and your car back home.
12:51 <tunas> The prospect of a smug fifth-grade student just walking menacingly towards me and my car retreating in fear is... terrifying.

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10:26:27 <Kneezle|Web> Can you imagine? I would have had to spend this 40-minute walk actually enjoying the sun. Instead of hanging out with you people
10:26:41 <Kneezle|Web> That wasn't even sarcastic, I'm not a big fan of the outdoors.
10:26:41 <~ahriman> haha
10:26:46 <~ahriman> the horror!
10:27:14 <Kneezle|Web> I realized, that I was spending too much time indoors, when at one point my tired instinct was to look for a dimmer switch to turn the sun down
10:27:29 <Kneezle|Web> Needless to say I didn't find one
10:28:05 <~ahriman> hahaha!
10:29:21 <Kneezle|Web> At least to my credit, I didn't try to turn the sun off
10:29:27 <Kneezle|Web> I knew I couldn't do that for some reason
10:29:42 <Kneezle|Web> But when you're grasping around the air for a dimmer switch, you need to rethink your life
10:29:54 <~ahriman> i've actually done that before
10:30:09 <Kneezle|Web> Lol you too??
10:30:17 <Kneezle|Web> I thought that was something unique to my stupidity

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<robdrake> jan6 do you just like to argue?
<Kneezle>  yes, he does
<Kneezle>  he's also frequently right
<Kneezle>  but he has infinitely more patience to argue than i do.
<jan6>     ^_^

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23:19 <~ben> compile those fonts
23:20 <praetor> hehe
23:22 <fosslinux> Run gentoo
23:22 <fosslinux> "must compile kernel"
23:22 <fosslinux> Run lfs
23:23 <fosslinux> "cannot compile kernel"
23:23 <fosslinux> Gains depression
23:23 <praetor> awww
23:24 <jchelpau> compiling a kernel is easy though
23:24 <~aewens> Unless if you overcome that depression and build your compiler, then you attain enlightenment.
23:24 <jchelpau> yes, lock yourself in a room with SICP and bootstrap your way out of depression

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23:55 <~ben> i'm so lazy i still use gnome
23:55 <stompy> gross
23:55 <stompy> youre cool and all but you gotta do something about your gnome usage
23:55 <stompy> that aint healthy
23:55 <~deepend> gnome is horrible.
23:56 <stompy> yeah
23:56 <stompy> id rather use windows than gnome tbh
23:56 <~ben> wow really feelin' the love over here
23:56 <stompy> lmao

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02:46:07 Naglfar | theres too many ben...
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02:46:53    ~ben | lol yes
02:47:00 Naglfar | awesome
02:47:13    ~ben | no reason lol

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01:25 <~ahriman> how old are you login
01:36 <login> How old is an Australian university professor who's double-timing for the CIA, doing espionage work on the duterte regime, in cooperation with the australian intelligence community, who speaks tagalog?

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23:19:10 tomasino | i'm back home
23:19:12 tomasino | pants are gone
23:19:18 tomasino | ready for some me time
23:19:23 tomasino | i'm thinking shadow tactics 

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13:57 <+jan6> mv handyc Gliese 581c
13:57 <~aewens|team> chmod 000 jan6
13:57 <handyc> move me to vega, then I can be a real vegan
13:57 <~aewens|team> chown handyc:handyc jan6
13:58 <handyc> handyc and jan6 star in "Just Chowning Around"

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17:49 <Kneezle> there we go
17:49 <Kneezle> there we go
17:49 <+jan6> weasel
17:49 <+jan6> with knees
17:49 <+jan6> kneasle
17:49 <+jan6> with wheeze
17:49 <Kneezle> lol yes
17:50 <+jan6> kneezle, a wheezing weasel with knees
17:50 <stompy> hmmm
17:50 <~ben> wheezy knees
17:50 <+jan6> !toot kneezle, a wheezing weasel with knees

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17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> I'm starting a band called HTML Encoder
17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> Looking to buy a guitar &amp;
17:43 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> :-D
17:44 <~ben> guitar and what? ;)
17:44 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> lol
17:44 <Kneezle|shouldbeworking> best reply ever

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