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14:24 <+aewens> jan6: True, it just feels very *wrong* that ICANN is not on top of having all usable TLDs in their WHOIS search
14:25 <~ben> ICANN more like ICANN'T

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22:36:14      brendantcc │ tomasino: YR NOT MAH DAD!! REE                                                                                                 22:36:27       +tomasino │ but what if I WAS your dad?                                                                                                    22:36:30       +tomasino │ how weird would that be?                                                                                                       22:36:33      brendantcc │ very
22:36:38      brendantcc │ very fuckin' weird                                                                                                            
22:36:41      brendantcc │ non-dad                                                                                                                        22:36:55       +tomasino │ :)                                                                                                                             

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13:54 <+jan6> ALMOST 69

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20:07:51      --> | dozens (~dozens@ has joined #blamejan6
20:07:58   dozens | i just spilled coffee on my chair
20:08:01   dozens | i blame jan6
20:08:05      <-- | dozens (~dozens@ has left #blamejan6 (WeeChat 2.2)

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09:48:33            ~ben │ how do you even fail a music class
09:48:35            ~ben │ that's fucked    

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13:44 <+jan6> put it in #share
13:44 <+jan6> c'mon, nobody ever uses #share, blow some life into it!
13:47  * cdmnky blows into it

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[threkk] 17:55
∟ I am afraid to ask how is the vim vs emacs balance here
[ben] 17:55
∟ pretty solid balance i think
[desvox] 17:56
∟ i use emacs like vim but it also fries my breakfast, controls the city
  traffic lights, and makes sure i dont die in my sleep
[threkk] 17:57
∟ does it also edit text?
[ben] 17:57
∟ i sure hope so :P
[desvox] 17:57
∟ threkk: lots of text
[desvox] 17:58
∟ all the text, it is the all seeing eye of the universe
[desvox] 17:58
∟ alternatively it is a kitchen sink full of dead cats
[ben] 17:59
∟ omf 

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14:18:29                 +jan6 | who needs to smoke to get high? don't you have a brain full of complex chemicals?
14:18:54               kumquat | weed is easier than mind control
14:19:15               +aewens | Who needs drugs when you can just breathe in deeply next to a chocolate cake to remind you why life is worth living?
14:19:32                     * | jan6 steals said cake
14:19:43                     * | aewens tells jan6 that the cake is a lie.

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<cdmnky>: meanwhile r/linuxmasterrace is still on "btw I use arch" like it has been for the past few months
<ubergeek>: Yeah, I can get behind that sub.  Btw, did I tell you, I use Arch?

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