quote 277

<epoch> > s7, Ruby, or Forth
<+ffog> u got it
<epoch> three scripting languages, and I don't know any of them
<+ffog> they're all quite different
<epoch> I know of Ruby and Forth
<epoch> ruby is kind of Perl-ish, Forth is kind of..
<+ffog> stackish
<tommoody> ruby on rails
<epoch> ha
<tommoody> transporting rocks
<epoch> ah. s7 is a scheme.
<+khuxkm> if you write a blog post for your jekyll blog while on a train ride and you rebuild the site you're using ruby on rails
<+ffog> lol
 * khuxkm ricochet
<+rawktucc> -_-
<+ffog> this is Red Martian - masses diseased by pope
<+ffog> by smj of sdf.org!
<+alex11> khuxkm you're banned from the internet
<+ffog> a loop reel on a tascam 388
<+khuxkm> honestly fair

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